Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tax March today

It's a weekend of resistance as yesterday was the March for Science and today is the Tax March.  For more on the event, here is Tax March 2018

Since last year's Tax March, Donald Trump has passed massive tax cuts for the rich, slashed funding for vital programs, and still failed to release his tax returns. So, we’re not letting up. We’re fighting back.
Tax March doesn't just demonstrate during tax season.  Earlier this year, they held town halls and other events, as Repeal the TrumpTax Tour shows.

Join us in the fight against tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the middle class.
Hello Giggles has more.
The events have been organized by Tax March, which organized protests in 2017 demanding that President Donald Trump release his tax returns. Unlike last year, this year’s marches will focus on speaking out against the new tax law and the ways it benefits the rich. The Tax March movement’s website states that “any reform to the tax code should be about closing loopholes for the wealthy and big corporations and building an economy that invests in working families”

To find a march near you, you can visit Tax March’s events page and enter your zip code. With more than 100 demonstrations taking place across the country from April 13th to April 17th, it’s likely that you’ll find a protest nearby.
I'd be there, but like yesterday's March for Science, I have a prior commitment, the 2018 State Endorsement Convention for the Michigan Democratic Party.  Even if it weren't for that, The Weather Channel's Winter Storm Xanto is hitting the area with rain, freezing rain, and sleet.  I wouldn't march in that and I might not even drive the 22 miles to Cobo Hall after the storm is over.  At least I was able to hold my field trip yesterday, as the weather was merely miserable, not dangerous.

That written, may at least some of my readers march in my place.  Resist!

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