Tuesday, April 3, 2018

EPA relaxing fuel efficiency standards, setting up fight with California

When I last examined the Trump Administration's energy and climate policies, the Federal Energy Regulation Commission rejected Perry's proposal to subsidize coal and nuclear plants.  That was good news for the environment.  Today, I bear not so good news.  CBS News reports EPA to rollback Obama-era emissions standards.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said Monday the agency will rollback Obama-era vehicle emissions standards. In addition to changing the standards, the agency said it's still looking into a waiver that allows California to determine its own emissions standards. CBS News Radio correspondent Steve Dorsey joins CBSN to discuss the EPA's announcement.
That conflict with California over fuel and emissions standards is the central topic of NBC News' report, EPA And California Set To Clash Over Federal Fuel Standards.

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to roll back fuel efficiency standards, but California, which sets the toughest standards in the country, has pledged to defend the current guidelines.
As an expatriate Californian and a big believer in hybrid and electric vehicles who drives one himself, I'm on the Golden State's side.  Here's to hoping my former home state prevails in court.

That's not the only news out of the EPA.  Scott Pruitt is in the middle of an ethics scandal over a sweetheart deal with an energy lobbyist over renting a room for cheap.  He might be fired.  He could instead replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  This is a fluid situation, so stay tuned.


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