Monday, March 30, 2020

More closer looks at the pandemic response from Seth Meyers

'The Daily Show' and others review movies and series to watch while staying at home during a pandemic left me wanting more comedy to deal with the tragedy of the coronavirus pandemic, so I'm updating Seth Meyers takes closer looks at Trump's response to the pandemic with two new closer looks.  I begin with the more recent, Trump Fights with Governors, Reporters Over Coronavirus Response: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at an unhinged President Trump wanting to ignore the coronavirus crisis and return to normal as soon as possible.
I agree with one viewer, who wrote "When Trump eventually leaves office, all historians will need to do is collect together all of Seth's 'A Closer Look' segments."  The only thing missing was Trump skirmishing with Gretchen Whitmer and Jay Inslee in addition to Andrew Cuomo.  Not that I'm knocking Cuomo; my wife and I enjoy his press briefings as "America's Governor."  we find his candor reassuring even as he is delivering bad news.*  As for Seth's aside about the difficulties of working from home, I can relate.  At least all our children are grown and out of the house.

I conclude with Trump Wants to Reopen America as Coronavirus Pandemic Accelerates: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak and the president and some [of] his allies saying we should care more about the stock market than saving lives.
Another viewer left a comment that mirrors what I wrote about both Seth and John Oliver:  "You know, without the audience laughing, these truthful monologues are frightening as hell.  We have a clown for president and sometimes clowns are scary."  Yes, they are.

At least one of the premises of both videos no longer applies, as Trump seems to have given up on opening the country back up for business by Easter.  That wasn't going to happen, regardless of his wishes.  Instead, he seems to be shooting for the end of April.  That's more realistic.

*On the other hand, I have mixed feelings about Cuomo's postponing New York's presidential primary from April to June.  It's probably a good thing from a public health perspective — the pandemic is likely to be subsiding by June — but it may not be great for democracy.  In particular, the date set is after the deadline set by the DNC, so New York may get penalized by having fewer delegates accredited.  On the gripping hand, if the epidemic has not subsided by July, holding the national convention may be a bad idea as well.  Heh, sometimes my conceit of being a Motie pays off.


  1. We turn to guys like Meyers for real news with no "both sides" nonsense.

    And he's right -- Sanders is great when he gets going on the Republicans.

    I'm not expecting things to open up by late April. I've seen some projections that the pandemic may finally be brought under control in the US by mid-June or thereabouts, but if the stay-at-home rules are relaxed at that point, the exponential spread of the virus will just take off again (unless one of the drug treatments now being tested has panned out). Unless we want millions dead, we're probably in this until there's a vaccine approved for widespread use -- and that means well into 2021.

    1. Yes, and gals like Samantha Bee. By this time tomorrow, the two most popular entries since March 21st, when the 10th year of this blog began, will be this one and the previous one featuring Seth Meyers.

      Sanders is at his best when he's doing that.

      Neither am I and I think you're right that this will be over by next year, not the end of next month.

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    1. I'm deleting your spam about a different viral pandemic.