Friday, March 6, 2020

Colbert says farewell to Warren after she drops out

I told my readers to "stay tuned for another installment of The Hungry for Power Games, as Elizabeth Warren just dropped out" at the end of John Oliver on coronavirus.  That makes for five candidates ending their campaigns in one week, beginning with Tom Steyer and followed by Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bloomberg, and now Warren.  It's enough to make my head spin.

It's also enough to make me cry, as it's no secret I'm a Warren supporter.  As I told Infidel753 in a comment yesterday:
I'm disappointed. I have my absentee ballot in front of me waiting to be filled out. I was hoping to vote for her, but now it would be even more of a wasted vote than before. Now I have to pick either Sanders or Biden (no way in Hell am I voting for Gabbard; anyone who's been paying attention to my blog knows I don't care for her) and I'm not looking forward to it. Sigh.
Since I don't want to cry, I'm going to laugh instead.  Watch Late Show's Alter Egos: Elizabeth Warren Edition, the cold open for last night's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

As she exits the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, we bid a fond farewell to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and the many alter egos bestowed upon her by our host Stephen Colbert.
Continuing with the comedy because I'm trying to avoid feeling tragic, here's Stephen's monlogue, Elizabeth Warren Bows Out Gracefully, While Trump Spreads Dangerous Coronavirus Misinformation.

While Sen. Elizabeth Warren was demonstrating grace and eloquence in comments to reporters after dropping out of the Democratic primary race, the man she hoped to replace in the White House was demonstrating his inability to tell the truth in an interview with Fox News about the Coronavirus.
Colbert forgot about Gabbard, but that's O.K.  I'd rather forget about her, too.

Follow over the jump for the drink suggestions and memes I'm retiring now that Warren has ended her campaign.

I begin with the drink suggestion for Warren I first made in Drinks for the Democratic debates, Part 1, then recycled for Drinks for candidates at the September and October Democratic debates and Drinks and drinking games for the 2020 Democratic Primary debates.

Elizabeth Warren drank a beer when she announced her candidacy, in fact, a Michelob Ultra.  That's fine, but I prefer Samuel Adams Boston Lager, which is what I think she should have been drinking, as it's from Massachusetts and has patriotic connections.

Now the memes, beginning with the one I made for's take on the Democratic presidential candidates from left to center.

Four candidates tie for next most liberal economically with a score of 10.  However, all have different social scores that break the tie.  Elizabeth Warren has the highest social score, 85.  This makes her the second most liberal candidate overall.
I recycled that graphic four times, updating Warren's ideological score and ranking every time.  Here's what I wrote for On The Issues shows most of the Democratic candidates have moved left during the campaign, too.
Speaking of Sestak, he and Warren are now tied for third with economic scores of 10 and social scores of 88.  Warren moved three points in the liberal direction socially from 85, while Sestak shifted slightly to the center over the past nine years.  Just the same, Harris has now leapfrogged Warren by moving to Warren's left economically while Warren changed her social position.
My update for Democratic candidates continue to drift leftwards according to On The Issues was brief, as I wrote only "As for Warren, her scores of 10 economic and 88 remained the same since July, but her place dropped from fourth to fifth, even as fellow Bay Stater Moulton dropped out."

I had more to say in Democratic candidates from left to center for the 2020 primaries.
Elizabeth Warren has moved to the left economically since August, when her economic score was 10.  It's now 5, so she has moved 5 points to the left.  Her social score has remained at 88 since July, so she is now the second most liberal candidate according to On The Issues, thanks to a whole bunch of candidates dropping out over the past six months.  On the other hand, her Voteview score has migrated ever so slightly to the center from -0.769 in August to -0.767 now, but she is still the most liberal member of Congress and the most liberal candidate running according to Voteview, remaining to the left of Sanders according to this measure.
Speaking of Voteview, here is the meme I made showing her score for Senators and Representatives running for the Democratic nomination are drifting to the left as they campaign.

The most liberal candidate according to Voteview is still Elizabeth Warren.  Since I began following the Democratic candidates in April, she has moved steadily leftward.  Then, her score was -0.762.  At the end of May, her score was -0.767, making her the most liberal member of the 116th Senate in addition to the most liberal candidate.  Warren's score is now -0.774, making her the most liberal member of both houses of Congress.
I wrote a brief update in An update on Democratic candidates' Voteview scores before Congress returns from August recess, saying "Elizabeth Warren was -0.774 in July and is now -0.769, moving slightly to the center/right, but is still the most liberal member of Congress."  As I wrote above, Warren ended her run with a Voteview score of -0.767, the most liberal member of Congress.

I close by bidding Warren farewell.  This time, The Force was not with her.


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