Tuesday, March 3, 2020

A drum corps Super Tuesday 2020

As I've already done for Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina, it's time to share some marching music for my readers to watch and listen while they are waiting for the results.  This time, it's a drum corps Super Tuesday as nine of the fifteen states and territories holding primaries and caucuses today have competitive drum and bugle corps.  No marching bands today!

I am proceeding roughly from east to west, moving time zone to time zone as polls close across the country.  In order, the states and their drum corps I am featuring are Massachusetts, North Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and California.  I begin with the 2019 Boston Crusaders | Goliath representing Massachusetts.

Boston, MA | 6th Place | 94.488

Despite the biblical theme, this show has a patriotic element as it includes selections from "Hamilton."  May the candidates not throw away their shots, either!

Moving down the east coast, the next corps from a state voting today is Carolina Gold from North Carolina.  Watch Carolina Gold 2017.

12th place - 81.00

While Carolina Gold is the first DCA corps I am featuring this cycle, it won't be the last, as two DCA corps represent Minnesota, three if one includes the now inactive Minnesota Brass, Inc., which I am.  In fact, the Minnesota corps are next, as it's time to move to the Central Time Zone.  Follow over the jump.

The first Minnesota Senior corps I'm sharing is, in fact, Minnesota Brass 2017.

9th place - 88.98

I miss these guys.

Moving down to Class A, I present Governaires 2017.

2nd place A class - 81.43

The Govenaires are now the best corps from Minnesota since MBI went inactive.

The last all-age corps from the Land of 10,000 Lakes is Chops Inc 2017.

5th place A class - 74.1

When I wrote 'The Grid' plus 2017 drum corps shows with speculative fiction themes, I only listed junior corps.  If I had included all-age corps, I would have listed this show as well.  Live and learn.

Minnesota also has a junior corps, River City Rhythm.  Watch 2019 Open Class Championships Finals - River City Rhythm.

Moving down the Mississippi from Minnesota, Tennessee is also voting today and has a drum corps, Music City.  Watch 2014 Music City - Go West.

Heading all the way down to the Gulf Coast, Alabama is the next state in the Central Time Zone voting today with a competitive drum corps.  Watch Southwind Caged- DCI prelims 2019.

It's time to shift west, to a state that straddles the Central and Mountain Time Zones, Texas.  The leading corps from the Lone Star State is one I associate from my marching days with Pennsylvania, Crossmen.  Here they are performing their 2019 show, Valkyrie.

San Antonio, TX | 11th Place | 87.550

The other Texas corps is Genesis.  Watch 2019 Genesis | From the Ground Up.

Austin, TX | 20th Place | 78.725

My reaction to this video was "A literal wall of sound."

Moving west to a state entirely with the Mountain Time Zone with a competitive drum corps voting today, I present 2019 Blue Knights | ...I remember Everything from Colorado.

Denver, CO | 7th Place | 92.050

Continuing west in the Mountain Time Zone, the next competitive drum corps is Battalion from Utah.  Here is the corps' 2019 show, Humanity.

The Battalion performs its 2019 production - Humanity - at Mile High Showcase in Arvada, Colorado on July 24, 2019.
Battalion has never been to DCI Championships.  That will change this year, when the corps plans on coming to Indianapolis.

Now, the last state with competitive drum corps to close its polls today, California, which is in the Pacific Time Zone.  Four years ago, the Golden State's primary had its own entry.  This year, it's part of Super Tuesday, making both the importance of the day and the length of this entry even greater.  I could have quit by now!

As I did with both Minnesota and Texas, I will work my way down from the defending World Class DCI Champions, 2019 Blue Devils | Ghostlight.

Concord, CA | 1st Place | 98.325

Next, 2019 Santa Clara Vanguard | Vox Eversio

Santa Clara, CA | 3rd Place | 96.600

Continuing on down the placements, I am sharing 2019 Mandarins | subTerra

Sacramento, CA | 10th Place | 89.300

Coming off their 2019 Rose Parade appearance is the next corps, Pacific Crest with their 2019 show, Everglow.

Diamond Bar, CA | 14th Place | 85.350

Now, a corps that one of the followers of the Coffee Party USA Facebook page requested, Gold from Lemon Grove outside of San Diego.  Watch 2014 Gold - The Journey.

Never say I don't respond to requests!

I conclude with the corps from Bakersfield, a town where I lived for a year, Golden Empire 2018 - Open Class Prelims.

Whew!  That does it for this edition of marching music for a primary day.  I plan on returning next week for the Michigan and Washington primaries as well as the Democrats Abroad caucuses.  In the mean time, stay tuned for Marching Music Day and a follow-up post to both Super Tuesday and Mayor Pete packs up his campaign.  I may be on vacation, but the news is keeping me busy!


  1. As an Arizonan, I recommend for our primary in a couple of weeks, the 2012 University of Arizona Radiohead 2.0 show. Great show. BTW, loving these posts. My son and I are huge DCI fans.

    1. Glad you're enjoying this series. Also, that's a great suggestion, probably the best show the Wildcats have done. I'll add it to roster of The Academy, Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats, Columbus Saints, Cincinnati Tradition, and Heat Wave that I already have planned for that date.