Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Seth Meyers takes closer looks at Trump's response to the pandemic

While Michigan is now under a "stay at home" order that expands upon the state of emergency, the effects are already scaring the people in charge.  The best way I've found to examine it is through comedy.  So, in the vein of Closer looks at the coronavirus outbreak from Meyers, Noah, and Colbert, I present Trump Lashes Out as Americans Remain Under Lockdown: A Closer Look, which Seth recorded from home.

Seth takes a closer look at the COVID-19 pandemic triggering a public health crisis, economic crisis and leadership crisis.
Just as I wrote for More John Oliver on coronavirus, "the lack of a studio audience make this a much more serious episode, even though the writing is pretty much the same with barbed comments.  Without a live audience, the jokes fall a little flat."  If anything, Seth managed to maintain the humor better than John Oliver.

For a contrast and comparison, I'm also sharing the last closer look Seth recorded in front of a live studio audience, Trump Contradicts Experts as Coronavirus Is Declared a Pandemic: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump contradicting public health officials about the severity of the global coronavirus pandemic.
That was only two weeks ago.  It shows a glimpse of the world we are in now, but that's different from the reality.  For one thing, the jokes are funnier in front of a live audience.  Just the same, I'm grateful that Seth has returned, if only to record closer looks from home.  Even the professionals are now YouTubers.  Welcome to comedy in a time of plague.

I'm sure I'll have more on the pandemic tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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