Friday, February 28, 2020

Closer looks at the coronavirus outbreak from Meyers, Noah, and Colbert

I'm going to admit that when I wrote "I'll try to post something more serious about the outbreak the next time I write about it here" at the end of Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert look at official responses to the coronavirus outbreak, I failed.  That's because the next good video I saw about the outbreak and its response was Trump’s Flailing Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak: A Closer Look from Late Night with Seth Meyers.  I couldn't resist.

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump appointing Mike Pence to take charge of the response to the coronavirus outbreak and reassuring absolutely nobody.
I always appreciate  Meyers and his writers taking in-depth looks at an issue, even if it is ostensibly for entertainment.  He does manage to get the information across, too.

The panic on Wall Street shows up in the next video, Is This How We Die? - Coronavirus, Continued by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which also looks at the state of the outbreak around the world.

As coronavirus continues to spread, the stock market tanks, the public panics and runs out of protective masks, and the CDC recommends shaving facial hair to wear a face mask.
This is where I appreciate Noah for being from outside of North America and Europe.  He's likely to take a global look at an issue.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert placed the panic in the financial markets front and center in Wall Street Panics After Trump Unveils Lackluster Coronavirus Response Plan.

While President Trump prefers to blame Democrats for the stock market's nose dive, the country he leads is concerned about his administration's disorganized response to the Coronavirus crisis.
First, Trump is making cause and effect go backwards.  Second, I should not be surprised that Trump is blaming the wrong NBC Universal cable channel for coronavirus coverage. When I look at my YouTube subscription page, I see video after video about coronavirus from CNBC. In contrast, MSNBC and CNN hardly had any videos on the subject at all until after the stock market crashed. Then again, CNBC is Larry Kudlow's old channel and Trump never let the facts get in the way of a good attack.

Speaking of CNBC, the latest video on the CNBC Television YouTube channel is showing the Dow down more than 900 points so far today to below 25,000, more than 4,000 points this past week with no end in sight.  This stock market crash is the one reason I am not revising the recession call I made in CNBC explains how the yield curve predicted every recession for the past 50 years.  Without the coronavirus outbreak, I might have to.  With it, I still think it's likely.

I close with A Coronavirus PSA From Vice President Mike Pence.

From the Office of the Vice President comes this important message about keeping yourself safe from the Coronavirus.
Gallows humor at its finest.


  1. I love the quote from Seth Meyers "A mentally incontinent game show host who is incapable of thinking about anything other than his own self interest." Doesn't that just sum up his whole presidency?

    1. Pretty much. Also, thanks for dropping by. I checked out your blogs and found them fun to read. I hope our mutual interests of healthy food, horror, and the environment help you stick around.

    2. Yes. But I'd say it sums up his whole life.