Friday, January 8, 2021

Colbert, Meyers, and Kimmel on calls for Trump to resign or be removed by 25th Amendment or impeachment

I'm not done writing about Wednesday's attempted self-coup and neither are the late night talk show hosts. All of them made calls for Donald Trump to be removed early from office, whether by the 25th Amendment or impeachment, central subjects of their monologues.

I begin, as I did yesterday, with Stephen Colbert's monologue A Terrified President Throws His Riot Mob Under A Bus To Save His Neck (And Get Back On Twitter).

Facing threats of impeachment, and with calls for his resignation coming from even the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board, the president on Thursday released a video in which he unconvincingly condemned the insurrection he incited, and begrudgingly admitted that a new administration would take office following an orderly transition of power on January 20th.
I'm glad Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram locked Trump out of his accounts and Snapchat followed suit, so that's a total of four suspensions from social media.* That reduces his ability to inflame his supporters. It also means I don't have to see the people I follow on Twitter quote his tweets. I don't follow him and I don't want to read his tweets!

Seth Meyers had his own take in Calls For Trump’s Removal Grow After Violent Insurrection at Capitol: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at a majority of Republicans in the House and a handful of GOP senators tried to throw out the results of the presidential election even after a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol attempted to overthrow American democracy.
Seth's right, it is scary to hear the BBC report on Wednesday's violence. The accent alone makes the events sound even more serious and they were serious enough. On the other hand, hearing Rudy Guiliani leave a message on the wrong Senator's voicemail is so on-brand. The man is notorious for butt-dialing journalists when he's having a conversation that wasn't meant to be overheard.

Jimmy Kimmel Live asked Wait – Donald Trump is Unfit to Serve!?

Jimmy talks about yesterday’s horrible events at the U.S. Capitol, the end of Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump’s romance, an angry VP Mike Pence, resignations piling up within the administration, the possibility of the 25th amendment being invoked, people just now realizing that Trump is not fit to serve, Republicans floating the idea that ANTIFA infiltrated the attack mob, some of the people responsible for this, Trump finally releasing a statement agreeing to an “orderly transition,” and a whole new meaning to “The Snake” lyrics Trump read many times on the campaign trail as a metaphor to warn people about immigrants.
Kimmel had the best take-down of the conspiracy theory that Antifa infiltrated the protest. All the rioters pictured are definitely Trump supporters, not anti-Trump operatives. They're also entitled fools who didn't think anything would happen to them. The past two days are showing them wrong and I'm sure more consequences are coming their way. Finally, Trump had no idea how much he was telling on himself when he told that snake story.

I conclude by saying that, as much as I would like Trump removed through the 25th Amendment, Mike Pence's lack of action shows that likely won't happen. I guess impeachment it will be, that is if Congress comes back into session next week. Currently, they're not scheduled to return until the Inauguration. It will be a long two weeks.

*If he loses a fifth social media account, he'll be eligible for the Kenny McCormick Memorial Medal. If so, I'll be happy to give it to him.

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