Friday, January 1, 2021

NASA says 'Let's Go to the Moon' in 2021

I concluded the body of Vox explains 'Auld Lang Syne' for New Years Day 2021 by telling my readers "I'm not done with the holiday, as I plan on posting this year's version of NASA asks are you ready for 2020? Stay tuned!" Watch NASA 2021: Let's Go to the Moon.

Sending the first Artemis mission to the Moon in preparation for human missions, landing a new rover on Mars, and launching the James Webb Space Telescope into space [and] expanding our ability to see deep into the universe are just a few of the things NASA has planned for 2021.
I'll repeat what I wrote in 2020 in space from NASA and the European Space Agency: "Here's to 2021 being another great year in space!" and "If all goes as NASA plans, it will be."

That's it for New Year's Day. Stay tuned for National Science Fiction Day tomorrow.

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