Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Meyers, Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon, and Corden take closer looks at Trump facing impeachment — again — and being banned from social media

When I wrote Leslie Stahl interviews Nancy Pelosi on '60 Minutes' after the siege of the Capitol, I had a good idea of what I'd be writing today, telling my readers "I'm sure I'll have the late night talk show hosts take on this interview tomorrow." It turned out only one of them did, Late Night with Seth Meyers, where Seth included a clip in House Democrats Move to Impeach Trump for Insurrection: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at the Republicans who incited the violent insurrection at the Capitol telling everyone it's "time to move on" after House Democrats unveiled a text of impeachment calling for the removal of President Trump through the 25th Amendment.
I'm going to paraphrase what I wrote about Stephen Colbert in Colbert, Kimmel, and Corden react to Trump's speech last night with derision and outrage plus a bonus Closer Look and recycled in Colbert, Kimmel, Meyers, Corden, and Fallon express outrage and offer comfort in response to yesterday's attempted self-coup; wow, Seth tell us how you really feel. Seriously, I've never seen him so pissed! I guess as more comes out about Wednesday's attempted self-coup, Seth and his writers have become more incensed than they were when he, Colbert, and Kimmel on called for Trump to resign or be removed by 25th Amendment or impeachment. Congress is doing its best to make that happen, although I suspect the best won't be good enough to get Trump out of office before next Wednesday the 20th at Noon.

Colbert himself remarked about his anger last Wednesday in The Terrorists Who Attacked Congress At The President's Direction Came Prepared To Kill.

Stephen didn't get a lot of sleep last weekend, as horrific scenes from last week's violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol played over and again in his head. It now appears clear that the armed mob, who were organized and cheered on by the president and his GOP backers in the House and Senate, came to the nation's capital prepared to commit acts of violence against members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence.
If Colbert had included a clip of the "60 Minutes" interview and mentioned impeachment in the description, I would have placed this video first; it's that great a take-down of not just soon to be ex-President Donald Trump but also his enablers, including Mike Pence, Republicans in Congress, and the rioters.

Jimmy Kimmel was just as outraged in Trump Booted from Twitter & Maybe the Presidency.

Trump is set to make history as the first U.S. President to get impeached twice, his relationship with VP Mike Pence is said to be on the rocks, Melania was reportedly doing a photoshoot during the attacks at the Capitol, we look back at Hillary Clinton’s warning during the 2016 election, the FBI made a statement that MAGA rioters may try to storm capitols in all 50 states, Trump got the boot from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat, the PGA has chosen not to hold their championship at his golf course in New Jersey, and after a Harvard research assistant noticed a correlation between angry reviews on the Yankee Candle website and COVID, Jimmy got in touch with their Vice President of Fragrance (Andy Daly) to see what’s been going on.
Once again, Kimmel has the most comprehensive video descriptions; every subject of his monologue merited a mention. In particular, I'm glad to see he gave Melania Trump's statement the attention it deserved and reminded his viewers that there is still a pandemic going on.

Follow over the jump for Fallon's and Corden's monologues, which handled the situation with a lighter touch, including more about Trump losing his Twitter account.

Jimmy Fallon made Trump being banned from social media the opening subject of Trump Banned from Twitter.

Jimmy addresses President Trump being permanently banned from Twitter and other social media platforms.
As I wrote last Friday, "If [Trump] loses a fifth social media account, he'll be eligible for the Kenny McCormick Memorial Medal. If so, I'll be happy to give it to him." Looks like he has qualified for an award I bestowed on Alex Jones, the Kenny McCormick Memorial Medal, named after the "South Park" character who dies over and over, only to return the next episode. To qualify for that award, a candidate had to lose five accounts for abuse. That almost never happened; I think I ran elections for that maybe twice over a three year period, when I ran elections every month. In one week, Trump has qualified for the award twice over. I may no longer be the Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler, but I still think Trump deserves the medal, so here is an image to honor Trump's dubious achievement.

Congratulations! May Trump's accounts not be like Kenny, returning from the dead at the start of the next episode.

Finally, I'm sharing James Corden's Welcome to the Trump Final Countdown.

James Corden kicks off the show recapping the weekend with Reggie Watts, and shares that he's up against a rogue fly buzzing around in his garage. And James looks at the headlines, including Congress considering its options after President Donald Trump incited a mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol. And Trump is losing allies quickly, including his beloved game of golf.
Trump may love golf, but golf wants nothing to do with him. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

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