Tuesday, November 2, 2021

MSNBC previews today's elections in Virginia and elsewhere

When I told my readers "Stay tuned for a return to this blog's regular programming, whatever that is," I wasn't sure if I would post something silly or serious today. It turned out to be serious, MSNBC covering today's statewide elections in Virginia and New Jersey, plus municipal elections throughout the country. I begin with Steve Kornacki Previews Election Day In Virginia.

Steve Kornacki, NBC News national political correspondent talks with Rachel Maddow about what to watch for as election returns come in in Virginia's election Tuesday.
Despite the built-in advantages of Democrats in Virginia, it will be a close election that Republican Glenn Youngkin might win. That's not a good sign for Democrats in next year's Congressional elections, just like Democrats having a good showing in Virginia four years ago turned out to be a good sign for them in the next two national elections. I hope it doesn't turn out that way and that I'm worrying about nothing.

MSNBC also covered major local elections, particularly in New York State. The most recent report was Mehdi Hasan asking Could A Socialist Become Mayor Of Buffalo?

India Walton could become the first socialist to run a major American city in decades as the Democratic socialist candidate faces off against the Democratic incumbent she beat in the primary. She joins Mehdi to talk about her already-historic candidacy.
Walton gave a good explanation of "defund the police" without using the phrase, which doesn't poll well. I wish her luck; she'll need it.

An earlier interview covered an easier race for the Democratic nominee in the country's largest city. Watch Jonathan Capehart's segment Democratic Candidate Eric Adams Likely To Beat Challenger Curtis Sliwa in NYC's Election.

Eric Adams is likely to win NYC's mayoral election and is preparing for the challenges that the city is facing.
While Walton talked a lot about police, Capehart asked Adams about homelessness, which was also John Oliver's main story on Sunday. I might get around to that, but only after covering the election results tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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