Thursday, November 18, 2021

CNN describes 'the secret history of disinformation and how it's used to divide democracies'

CNN returns to the subject of Putin's hackers and agents spreading disinformation in The secret history of disinformation - and how it’s used to divide democracies.

Here’s the disinformation playbook: exploit divisions, push lies, then deny everything. From fake swastikas, to false stories about lab-created AIDS, to astro-turfed BLM protests, Russians have sought to exploit existing tensions around the world with these “active measures.”

In the latest “Reality Check with John Avlon,” Avlon traces the history of Russian disinformation with author and professor Thomas Rid and CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan.
While there are plenty of domestic sources of misinformation and people who want to undermine liberal democracy, I think it's worth reminding my readers of who the masters of exploiting divisions in their adversaries are and how to combat them.
Think critically about the source of the story; Ask if others are reporting it; Do a reverse image search, as a lot of disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation (thanks, Nina Jankowicz, for introducing me to that word) uses misattributed or manipulated images or video, such as the SWAT team clip in "Plandemic" John Oliver showed in Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories; Finally, walk away and calm down so the emotion doesn't overwhelm you.
Also remember that "Technology is intended to make work more efficient. This includes the work of intelligence services of hostile governments." Don't make their work any easier for them!

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