Saturday, November 13, 2021

Big Bird joins Drew Barrymore for World Kindness Day

Happy World Kindness Day! I kick off today's celebration with Big Bird and Drew Read Kind Tweets for World Kindness Day | Drew's News from "The Drew Barrymore Show."

Sesame Street's Big Bird joins Drew to celebrate World Kindness Day and teach viewers what true kindness is about, including talking to inspiring seven-year-old Cavanaugh Bell, who's helping the elderly through the pandemic with care packages, and surprising him with a donation from Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation.
After seeing Big Bird deal with a bunch of mean tweets from Ted Cruz and others over advocating vaccinations, I'm glad to see him read some kind tweets.

KPNX TV 12 News also had some heart-warming stories when it told its viewers to Celebrate World Kindness Day.

It's World Kindness Day, a day to do something nice for someone else and pay it forward. People of the Valley told us about some acts of kindness they've received.
"After the year we've had, who couldn't use a little kindness?" Make that the past two years, as this KPNX uploaded this video last year.

CBS Miami serves a little health along with the human interest in WEB EXTRA: World Kindness Day And The Health Benefits Of Being Kind.

Saturday (11/13) marks World Kindness Day, a chance for people all around the globe to do something good for someone else. Check out how one artist is trying to spread kindness and what experts say are some of the benefits of being kind to others.
Not only is being kind good for others, it's good for you, too.

Stay tuned for more health news tomorrow, World Diabetes Day.

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