Sunday, November 7, 2021

'SNL' on infrastructure bill passing and the rest of this week's news

Good news, everyone!* The first of two infrastructure bills passed the House and will be signed by Joe Biden. I'll have a serious post about it later this week, but I'm giving "Saturday Night Live" first crack at it in Weekend Update: Biden Passes Infrastructure Bill - SNL.

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like Biden's trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.
I'm going to be a good environmentalist by recycling my reaction from 'Saturday Night Live' returns after winning eight Emmy Awards.
I guess Jost and the "SNL" writers don't find infrastructure as exciting as the pandemic or 2020 election, but the joke about it was still funny, if a bit dark.
Well, the first was very local, but the second fit my description and it was about the 2020 election, too.

Speaking of dark comedy, Cicely Strong appeared as Goober the Clown on Abortion in the next segment of Weekend Update.

Goober the clown (Cecily Strong) stops by Weekend Update to discuss abortion.
Even if this had nothing to do with Strong's personal experience, it was a brave sketch on her part.

SNL made fun of a sillier political issue in Weekend Update: A Guy Named Brandon on “Let’s Go Brandon” - SNL.

In this Cut for Time sketch, a guy named Brandon (Kyle Mooney) stops by Weekend Update to discuss the viral “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.
Everyone say it with Brandon, "Let's go Badnoodle!"

I close with Weekend Update: Football Team Wins 106-0 and Vaccine Smoothie - SNL.

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like the International Handball Federation allowing women to wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms.
That was another very local New York joke about the Jets, but it could just as easily have been about the Detroit Lions, who stink even worse than usual this season, and that's saying something. In truth, the high school team that scored 106 points was my mother's alma mater, Inglewood High, beating their crosstown rival Morningside. In addition to being bad sportsmanship, it could be dangerous. The students and their families have to live with each other!  BTW, I've mentioned my father's alma mater before, but this is the first time I've mentioned my mom's. It only took ten-and-one-half years.

*But not good enough for me to post Professor Farnsworth yet. I'm saving that for the second infrastructure bill, just in case it passes.

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