Thursday, November 10, 2022

Noah, Meyers, Colbert, and Kimmel take closer looks at the red wave that wasn't

After taking a serious look at the election results in Michigan yesterday, it's time to let the comedians weigh in, beginning with Trevor Noah telling his TV and studio audiences Democrats Fend Off "Red Wave" in Midterm Elections | The Daily Show.

The Republicans "Red Wave" turned out to be a puddle, abortion rights had a major win in several states, multiple Trump endorsed candidates lost their races, and numerous historic firsts came out of the race including Alabama's first woman in the Senate, Maryland's first Black governor, Massachusetts first woman governor and first openly gay governor and Florida's first ever Gen Z congressman.
Jokes aside, that was a good summary of the headlines from Tuesday's election. I will miss Noah as the host of "The Daily Show" when he leaves at the end of the year. That's one of the reason I put him first.

The other reason is that I'd normally feature Late Night with Seth Meyers' Trump & MAGA Implode as Red Wave Fizzles, Fetterman Wins, Boebert Struggles: A Closer Look, but I didn't like the idea of this post having a preview image including the likeness of The Former Guy, so in second position Seth goes.

Seth takes a closer look at several races from last night's wild midterm elections that are still too close to call, including control of both the House and Senate, as results continue to roll in.
Detecting a theme yet? Just to make it clear, watch Steve Kornacki Explains How the Midterms May Separate the Republican Party from Trump.

Steve Kornacki talks about covering the midterm elections, explains the possible reasoning behind several close races and discusses how the 1994 Republican revolution shaped politics in his podcast The Revolution.
I hope the Republican Party finally abandons Trump, but I have my doubts.

Next, I go to "GOP Points Finger At T**** For Disappointing Midterms | Warnock-Walker Race Goes To A Runoff.

While the former president is taking heat for backing losing candidates in the midterms, he prefers to blame his wife. In Georgia, neither Senate candidate got 50% of the vote so Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock will battle each other again in a runoff.
It's quite the night when I put Stephen's monologue fourth, especially with the caption on the preview image: "May The Fetterman Win" — and he did!

I close with Jimmy Kimmel's monologue Trump LIVID About Election Results, Fetterman Beats Dr. Oz & Herschel Unfazed and Unintelligible.

The CMA Awards aired on ABC, Democrats were riding the high after election night even though they probably lost the House and could still lose the Senate, MAGA-Land was expecting a big victory, we are still awaiting results from a couple of key states including Arizona and Nevada, it appears Lauren Boebert of Colorado might be out of a job, Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock are headed to a runoff and Herschel remains unfazed and unintelligible, at the Governor level Democrats had their best midterm since 1986, John Fetterman beat Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania and Trump is said to be livid over the loss, prevailing wisdom among Democrats and Republicans is that they might have done better without Trump, Rudy Giuliani provided some excellent election day coverage, five states voted on whether slavery should be banned, recreational cannabis was on the ballot in a number of states, and focus now shifts to who will run in 2024, including someone who just entered the world of board games to burnish his financial credentials.
Once again, Kimmel has the most comprehensive video descriptions of all the late-night talk show hosts. As for that closing bit, it reminds me of Mel Brooks. I'm glad Kimmel said it, because I couldn't.

Stay tuned as I take a break from election coverage to celebrate Veterans Day.

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