Monday, November 7, 2022

Meyers and Colbert take closer looks at Kari Lake and other election deniers running for office

I'm continuing my comedic election coverage with Seth Meyers examining Obama Campaigns Against Kari Lake and Warns About Threats to Democracy: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at Republican candidates who are in very close races and could easily win in the midterms, including the pro-Trump election deniers who have outright declared they will use their power to steal future elections.

Register to vote, check your registration status, get election info, volunteer to see free shows at or text VOTE to 57568. It takes less than 2 minutes to get ready to vote and make your voice heard in an upcoming election.
Watching this reminded me that 'SNL' on the midterm election and Twitter opened with a sketch about which candidates the Democrats would nominate if they were like the Republican nominees running this year. It was a clown show worthy of "Idiocracy." Speaking of movie comedies, my reaction to Kari Lake saying that people who accepted the 2020 election results were the true conspiracy theorists was "'I know you are but what am I?' was a lot funnier when Pee-wee Herman said it."

Seth revisited Kari Lake in Cecily Strong Loved Portraying Kari Lake on Saturday Night Live.

Cecily Strong talks about seeing bears when she was in Canada for Schmigadoon!, going snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea and her impression of Kari Lake on Saturday Night Live.
As I wrote about Strong's impression of Lake in 'SNL' shares scary news for Halloween 2022, "she nails another politician. She also nails Arizona, 'the Florida of the West.'" Also, I'm glad to hear that she finished production on the Emmy-winning and Saturn-nominated "Schmigadoon!" My wife and I enjoyed the first season and are looking forward to the next, which will be another chance to display her song and dance skills.

Stephen Colbert and his writers also had fun with Lake in This Is How Kari Lake's Comments Would Sound If They Were Actually Creatively Edited.

The Late Show decided to show Kari Lake what creative editing actually looks like.
*Snork* Be careful what you accuse others of; you might find out what it really looks like when it happens.

Stay tuned for more election coverage.

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