Thursday, November 24, 2022

PBS Digital's 'Be Smart' explains 'The Surprising Origins of Thanksgiving Foods'

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers! Yesterday, I celebrated the day early with marching bands. Today, I'm observing the holiday with science and history from PBS Digital's "Be Smart" explaining The Surprising Origins of Thanksgiving Foods.

I’m thankful for science. And also pie.
When it comes to interesting science, I always go back for seconds!

Also, I am thankful for all of you this year.
I echo all of Joe's sentiments.

The capsule history of corn reminded me that tomorrow is National Maize Day. Watch National Maize Day is celebrated a day after Thanksgiving by On This Day.

That's great narration; only the pause after the U in U.S. made me think a computer synthesized it instead of a human speaking it.

Stay tuned for Buy Nothing Day, which should be another tale of the Retail Apocalypse.

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