Saturday, November 5, 2022

PBS NewsHour examines Daylight Saving Time

I closed yesterday's Stephen Colbert issues a correction about a Michigan voter by telling my readers to stay tuned for more on Daylight Saving Time, which Colbert says "is not helpful and has no upside." PBS NewsHour examined the topic in The history of daylight saving time and its effect on our health.

This weekend, nearly all of us will set our clocks back one hour. It's part of the twice-a-year ritual of alternating between daylight saving time and standard time. William Brangham looks at the history of changing the clock and a movement to do away with this process, once and for all.
I like this summary of the issue, including the history of changing the clocks and "locking the clock" and the controversy over which time to stay on, standard or daylight saving time. It's the latter that is keeping the House from passing the Sunshine Protection Act. Which would my readers prefer? Answer in the comments, either here or on Facebook.

Stay tuned for the highlights of tonight's episode of "Saturday Night Live," which will do double duty as both continuing election coverage and the Sunday entertainment update.

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