Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Day of the Dead as covered by 'TODAY,' 'Nightline,' and WPIX

I closed 'SNL' shares scary news for Halloween 2022 by telling my readers "That's it for Halloween, but spooky season continues for one more day with Day of the Dead. Stay tuned." I begin with the Today Show reporting Day Of The Dead Celebrations Are Becoming More Popular.

In the U.S. and around the world, the Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrating those who have come and gone before us, has become increasingly popular. It has also inspired a colorful art exhibit in Manhattan. NBC’s Morgan Radford reports for TODAY.
In case Isabel Hernandez's 15-foot high ofrenda looks familiar, I included a video featuring it in last year's post, where I remarked "That is quite the ofrenda! I don't recall ever seeing a taller one." I think it was worth seeing again.

The Today Show segment included a brief clip from "Coco." So does the next segment from ABC News' "Nightline": Thousands pay tribute to life during Dia De Los Muertos, ‘The Day of the Dead’.

In Los Angeles, nearly 80 families created touching altars to lost loved ones as a part of the Hollywood Forever festival, the largest Dia De Los Muertos celebration outside of Mexico.
While I watched this, I was wondering why, having grown up in Los Angeles, I had never heard of this particular celebration. It's because it started in 2000, eleven years after I moved to Michigan. Too bad. It reminds me a lot of what I saw during Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico, eleven years ago.
I toured a cemetery during the night of Halloween. In the U.S., only the thrillseekers and vandals would be there. In Oaxaca, entire families were having picnics on the family plots. The atmosphere was festive with the local orchestra playing, fireworks, and vendors just outside the gates of the cemetery.
Hollywood Forever and the celebrants perfectly recreated that in Los Angeles.

I don't have a cocktail recipe to share for today, but I do have PIX11 News sharing Tasty Day of the Dead dishes to try.

Amy Labelle, a lifestyle expert and the co-owner of Labelle Winery, joined New York Living on Monday to chat about the holiday and sample some dishes.
I found that both educational and entertaining. Too bad it cut off so abruptly.

So ends spooky season at Crazy Eddie's Motie News for 2022. Stay tuned for a return to this blog's regular programming, whatever that is.

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