Wednesday, April 24, 2024

'Inside the Messy Battle for the Biggest Swing State of 2024' by The Wall Steet Journal for Wayback Wednesday

Happy Wayback Wednesday! I'm continuing with the Keystone State theme from yesterday's Marching music for the Pennsylvania Primary, The Cadets, Buccaneers, and West Chester University with The Wall Street Journal reporting Inside the Messy Battle for the Biggest Swing State of 2024.

Both President Biden and former President Trump see Pennsylvania as a must-win state in the 2024 presidential election, but both are grappling with party divisions and sagging voter enthusiasm surrounding their rematch.

WSJ's Shelby Holliday traveled across PA to talk to voters, officials and campaign managers to learn how each candidate could win—or lose—the biggest swing state of the 2024 election.
Pennsylvania is important to President Biden because he was born there and it was the state that made him President-elect in 2020. Biden continued to recognize its significance when he made three visits to Pennsylvania in 2022 including one in Philadelphia where he warned about threats to American democracy. The video shows that his campaign is still focused on Pennsylvania.

I didn't write about Donald Trump winning the state in 2016 — I reacted to his win more generally in Kunstler said Americans would elect maniacs — but I did blog about how important the state was for Republicans in FiveThirtyEight on today's primary elections in Pennsylvania and four other states. As The Wall Street Journal's video shows, the Big Lie hasn't lost any of its power with GOP voters.

I plan on writing more about the election in Pennsylvania and the rest of the swing states, especially Michigan. On that note, follow over the jump for a retrospective of the top post about my adopted state during the 13th year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

While I shared 'How Michigan explains American politics' by Vox from January 11, 2024 at the Coffee Party USA/Citizen Connect Facebook page, most of its page views came from web search and normal social media sharing before that. The post ended January 2023 with 408 default and 423 raw page views, ranking it first by all measures during the month. It accumulated a total of 410 default and 436 raw page views by March 20, 2024, placing it 16th overall by default page views and tying it for 24th among entries posted during the blog's 13th year and 33rd overall. It has lost many of its default page views since, falling below 281 and out of the top 20, but the graphic above shows it has continued to increase its raw page views.

That's a wrap for the top non-comedy post about politics from last year. I'll see if I can continue this series tomorrow for Throwback Thursday. Stay tuned.

I conclude by recycling It's Wayback 'Wednesday'.

I was working on a post that was going to take too long, so I made this meme instead. I like the idea of Wednesday Addams as a mascot for Wayback Wednesday. I hope my readers do, too.
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