Saturday, April 13, 2024

Troopers, drum corps for the Wyoming Democratic Primary

I'm making good on the promise I made in Marching music for the Alaska, Hawaii, and North Dakota Democratic primaries and repeated in NASA experts answer questions about asteroids for Apophis Day: "stay tuned for this year's edition of Marching music for the Wyoming Democratic Caucuses. Troopers!"

I kick off the music to watch and listen while waiting for results with Troopers | #dci2022 | VorAcious from Drum Corps International (DCI).

Casper, Wyoming's Troopers perform a segment from the corps' #DCI2022 production, "VorAcious," during the 2022 DCI World Championships hosted August 12-14 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
That's a great moment that DCI featured twice more. Watch for it in Troopers 2022 designer on "one of the BEST moments of the summer" | Inside Drum Corps Ep. 2.

Troopers visual designer Lindsey Schueller breaks down the ideas and stories behind the Casper, Wyoming corps' 2022 production, "VorAcious," in Episode 2 of "Inside Drum Corps."
Yes, it really was "one of the best moments of the summer," including Genevieve Batman screaming while doing what I want to say is her best Tina Guo impression, except that Tina would be playing while standing up and wearing a skimpier costume. I think it's safer and better for the performance that Genevieve sat down while wearing a guard uniform.

Genevieve and her electric cello get a final encore in Troopers: Road Back to the DCI Finals | 2009-2022.

In 2022 the Troopers earned a spot among DCI's elite Top 12 for the first time in more than a decade. Take a look back at the timeline of the Wyoming corps' roadmap back to the finale of the DCI World Championships.
As I first wrote in 2016, "No Troopers retrospective would be complete without both a sunburst and a color presentation" and this compilation and lots of sunbursts and one that was also a color presentation.

Follow over the jump for highlights of 2021 and 2023.

"Troopers: Road Back to the DCI Finals" showed a brief bit of the 2021 production. FloMarching and DCI had more, including FloMarching's Watch The Final Minute Of The Troopers At DCI Celebration Day 1.

That was certainly a different version of the sunburst, but an interesting one.

DCI uploaded 2021 Troopers – Battle Hymn Encore.

An all-time Troopers classic, "Battle Hymn." As performed on the FJM Endzone stage during the final day of DCI Celebration events at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Saturday, August 14, 2021.
Troopers may have returned to finals in 2022, but they performed on Saturday in 2021. That turned out to be a good omen.

I conclude with FloMarching's 2023 Troopers 'To Lasso the Sun' Ballad at DCI World Championship Semifinals.

Troopers improved from 12th place to 10th. Here's to hoping they continue their climb up the ranks of DCI corps this year.

That's it for today's episode of marching music for primaries and caucuses. The next installment should be on April 23, 2024 for the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary. Normally, I'd tell my readers to stay tuned for highlights of tonight's Saturday Night Live except that I reached my page view goals for the month already, so I'm going to post something else for the Sunday entertainment feature. An retrospective of the top entertainment posts of the 13th year of this blog? That's certainly a possibility!

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