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Marching music for Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin primaries

I'm resuming my series of marching music for primaries and caucuses with this year's edition of Marching music for the Wisconsin and New York primaries. I should go from east to west to follow poll closing times, but I'm going the other direction because Wisconsin has the better corps, followed by New York, then Connecticut. Hey, it's my blog; I can do that.

I kick off the music to watch and listen while waiting for results with Blue Stars | #dci2022 | Of War & Peace from Drum Corps International (DCI).

La Crosse, WI | 7th Place | 92.775

La Crosse, Wisconsin's Blue Stars perform a segment from the corps' #DCI2022 production, "Of War & Peace," during the 2022 DCI World Championships hosted August 12-14 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
It didn't hit me at the time, but now I think a Russian show about war and peace has become a little on the nose given what's happening in Ukraine. Otherwise, this is a great show, and oddly daring in other ways while simulutaneously being old-fashioned. All-girls corps put their musicians in skirts, but I don't recall seeing women in a co-ed corps doing that before. It worked.

FloMarching has the 2021 Blue Stars Full Show [with audio], an official upload DCI doesn't have.

The 2021 Blue Stars performing at Music on the March on August 1, 2021!
The 2021 shows didn't have to be competitive; they just had to be entertaining and fun to perform and this show succeeded at that.

Moving on to the other Wisconsin corps, Madison Scouts | #dci2022 | Installation 85.

Madison, WI | 15th Place | 83.725

Madison Wisconsin's Madison Scouts perform a segment from the corps' #DCI2022 production, "Installation 85," during the 2022 DCI World Championships hosted August 12-14 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
I'm still not completely sold on electric guitars in a drum corps pit, but in this case, it works. Also, the Scouts are just as jazzy as ever, but they're not as powerful as they were in the 20th Century. I miss that.

The marching band representative from the Badger State is Wisconsin Northwoods Marching Band - 2023 Pasadena Rose Parade, courtesy of Luis at Music213.

From Minocqua, Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Northwoods Marching Band performing their musical selections at the 134th Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on Monday, January 2, 2023. This is a composite group of 8 high schools: Lakeland, Northland Pines, Three Lakes, Merrill, Antigo, Wausau East, DC Everest, and Mosinee high schools and is making their first appearance at this event.
On, Wisconsin!

Follow over the jump for units from the rest of today's primary states.

New York is all-age corps territory, so I begin the Empire State's portion of the program with For sure not white sabers from GunkleDev.

White sabers 2023 finals

An alien invasion! If I had composed a post about shows with speculative fiction elements last year and paid attention to all-age corps, this show would have made the list.

Let's see how long the above video lasts. I'm not as worried about The Long Island Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps 2021 - Portraits by Gershwin, which is original, if unofficial.

Portraits by Gershwin - Drill written by Vincent Monacelli, Music arranged by Fred Smith & Ryan Adamsons

The Long Island Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps (DCA 2021)

Score: 79.900

Video recorded by my brother!
A standard show full of standards, which is all I ask for.

I rarely include alumni corps in my compilations, but Drum Corps Associates uploaded 2022 Hamburg Kingsmen Alumni Corps, so I'm sharing it today.

The Hamburg Kingsmen Alumni corps performing at the 2022 DCA World Championships, Alumni Spectacular.
Where are the Skyliners? DCA lists them as having moved to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, so I'm postponing them until the Pennsylvania Primary on April 23rd.

Moving on to marching bands, I'm sharing the medium high school co-champions and final high school band in the Metallica marching band contest, Malverne High School Marching Band 2023 - Malverne, NY - Enter Sandman from The Pride of Malverne.

Yes, that's the submission. Now I wish I had voted for DeWitt.

For a more satisfying field show experience, I'm turning to Baldwinsville High School Marching Bees - 2020 Pasadena Bandfest from Music213.

From Baldwinsville, New York
The Baldwinsville High School Marching Bees performing their field show at the 40th Annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Bandfest on Monday, December 30, 2019. The Marching Bees will make their first appearance in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2020.
Kevin Bacon mentioning that he's a two-time Saturn Award nominee got my attention as a Saturn Awards voter. I'm pleasantly surprised that he mentioned the Saturn Awards over being nominated for a Primetime Emmy!

Now it's time for the Nutmeg State, beginning with 2022 Connecticut Hurricanes Drum & Bugle Corps - Journey Home from Drum Corps Associates.

Presenting their 2022 production "Journey Home", the Connecticut Hurricanes hail from Seymour, CT, and are DCA's Open Class World Championships!
That's an official upload. Now for an unofficial upload from Drum Corps Library of 29th 7th Regiment 2023, Connecticut's competitive junior corps.

I'm a little more optimistic about this video surviving than the White Sabers video, as FloMarching isn't as aggressive as Box 5, but we'll see.

Rhode Island no longer has a competitive drum corps at any level, so I'm sharing URI Marching Band Fall 2022 “Superman”. Hey, a superhero theme song!

I conclude with the HBCU band I embedded to end Marching music for the New Jersey and Delaware primaries, Delaware State University in HBCU Week | Wilmington, DE | BOTB | DSU - Approaching Storm Marching Band.

That's it for today's episode. I plan on the series returning Saturday for the Democratic presidential primaries in Alaska, Hawaii, and North Dakota. Stay tuned.

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