Thursday, April 18, 2024

CityNerd mocks 'Long Beach's Innovative Approach to Climate Change' for Throwback Thursday

For Throwback Thursday, I'm sharing CityNerd's latest, Long Beach's Innovative Approach to Climate Change.

Long Beach, California. Home of one of the busiest container ports in the world, expensive housing, a very long beach, and...over 2500 active oil wells. Yes, you heard that right.
I worked on the construction of L.A.'s subway, which intersected with the Long Beach light rail on the south side of downtown. At that time, the line's northern terminus was at that intersection. I'm glad to read that it was extended into the San Gabriel Valley to become the longest light rail line in the world.

As for all the oil wells, I'm not surprised. I grew up in Los Angeles and just accepted the pump jacks, which my family called grasshoppers, as part of the landscape. I expect a lot of them will be pumping oil for decades to come, regardless of how bad fossil fuels are for the environment in general and climate change in particular.

That's it for the current post. Follow over the jump for a retrospective of the top post featuring CityNerd from the 13th year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

CityNerd lists 'Ten Lovely Cities You Can Migrate To and (Maybe) Survive Climate Havoc' from June 27, 2023 earned 90 default and 94 raw page views from normal social media promotion and web search during June 2023, which tied it for eleventh most read by default page views, and placed it eleventh among entries posted during the month, 18th overall, by raw page views. I then shared it at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page followed by Infidel753 sharing the link at his blog. Combined, the two shares yielded 371 default and 396 raw page views during July 2023 to rank third for the month. After two months in top 20, the entry earned 465 default and 490 raw total page views. It lost default page views to end the blogging year with 396 default page views. It continued to earn raw page views to end the blogging year with 532, good enough for 17th by default page views, 14th among entries posted during the year, and 21st overall by raw page views. As the image above shows, it's still attracting readers.

I plan on continuing this series tomorrow for Flashback Friday. Stay tuned.

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