Friday, April 19, 2024

PBS Terra describes how 'This Winter Trend Is Overpowering Global Warming' for Flashback Friday

Happy Flashback Friday! Today's theme is natural disasters from PBS, so I'm sharing Weathered on PBS Terra describing how This Winter Trend Is Overpowering Global Warming.

2024 was the warmest winter on record, so big winter storms are a thing of the past, right? Not quite…a new study reveals that there is a winter-weather trend that OVERPOWERS CLIMATE CHANGE. To better understand this, we are taking it back to March of 1993 to look at The Storm of the Century, which brought record breaking cold temperatures and 20 INCHES OF SNOW to ALABAMA! By going back, we can better answer questions like: What causes this set up to occur in our atmosphere? And why are we still seeing extreme cold and SNOW IN THE SOUTH? Buckle up as our experts talk the jet stream, polar vortex, and this stubborn cold exception so we can answer the ultimate question: Are these winter storms here to stay? Watch this episode to find out.
This is a sequel to the PBS Terra videos I embedded in The connections among climate change, the wobbling jet stream, and the polar vortex explained by PBS Terra and CBS News and PBS Terra's 'Weathered' examines how the wandering jet stream is making extreme weather worse. All three explain how climate change weakens the temperature gradient that keeps the jet stream in place, allowing it to wander, bringing the polar vortex to the U.S. South in winter and record high temperatures to the Pacific Northwest in summer. This is why I prefer climate change to global warming. It's also why I sometimes write "a sick planet is running chills and fever." I expect to write that again when I report on extreme weather in the wake of 2023 being the hottest year on record.

Follow over the jump for a retrospective of the top posts featuring PBS covering natural disasters, past and future.

I shared PBS Terra asks 'What's the ONE THING You Can Do To Survive a Tsunami?' from January 31, 2024 at the Coffee Party USA/Citizen Connect Facebook page, then Infidel753 shared the link at his blog. The image above shows both peaks in readership. The two shares combined for 404 default and 421 raw page views during February 2024 to make it the fourth most read entry overall during the month. The post ended the blogging year with 444 default and 470 raw page views to tied for 13th overall by default views, rank 30th overall by raw views, and 21st among entries posted during the 13th year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News. It has continued to attract readers, as it has currently has 494 raw page views.

Now to recycle the part of IgNobel Prizes for April Fools Day, a holiday special about a natural disaster.

I shared NOVA warns of 'The Next Pompeii' for the Ides of March from March 15, 2024 at the Coffee Party USA/Citizen Connect Facebook page, then Steve in Manhattan linked to this post in Mike's Blog Roundup at Crooks and Liars. Those were enough to earn the post 485 default and 493 raw page views by 11:59 P.M. EDT on March 20, 2024, ranking it eleventh by the first measure and 20th among entries posted during the blogging year, 29th overall, by the second metric. It continued to gain readers, ending March 2024 with 485 default and 502 raw page views, ranking it first among entries posted during the month and second overall.
Now for an honorable mention because of comments.

PBS Terra asks 'Is Earth's Largest Heat Transfer Really Shutting Down?' from August 24, 2023 tied for second most comments on an entry posted during the blogging year with five because of a conversation between Nebris and me. Great chatting with you, Nebs!

That's a wrap for today's retrospective. I plan on continuing the series next Wayback Wednesday. Until then, stay tuned for 4/20, a Sunday entertainment feature, and Earth Day.

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