Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday at the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise

Yesterday's coverage of the Woodward Dream Cruise, featuring clips from WXYZ-TV's YouTube Channel.

WXYZ kicked off its coverage with the Val Clark at Hot Rod Alley (really Memorial Park at the corner of 13 Mile and Woodward in Royal Oak).

Woodward Dream Cruise - Hot Rod Alley

Val is demonstrating that Mary Conway isn't the only reporter having the time of her life at the Dream Cruise.

Speaking of Mary Conway, here she is enjoying the muscle cars.

Muscle cars are making their presence known on Woodward during this Dream Cruise weekend.

Mary comes right out and says she's having a blast. She also mentions Cheryl Chodun, who reports in the next segment. Let's see if she's having a good time, too.

Organizers are getting ready to kick off the Dream Cruise with the official ribbon cutting.
Yes, she is. Cheryl usually ends up covering the grim news on WXYZ, particularly violent crime and accidents, so I'm sure she's glad to cover something that makes people happy instead.

So far, Royal Oak has had the lion's share of the spotlight, with Ferndale making only its second appearance in the previous clip (the first being the Green Cruise on Saturday). What about Berkley? Glenda Lewis reports.

Berkley is set to kick off the Dream Cruise with their annual cruise-fest classic car parade.
They're right down the street from me. The tent is on the grounds of the cemetary, so even the dead are part of the celebration. As for Glenda, she's having a great time, too, and she gets to do so in an official capacity, as Grand Marshal of Berkley's classic car parade.

Now back to Mary Conway, who has been the star of WXYZ's coverage of Dream Cruise.

People attending the Dream Cruise are talking about their favorite cars.

Finally, WXYZ has a gallery of more viewer favorites and they are also streaming two hours of the Dream Cruise live as I type this.

Happy viewing!

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