Monday, August 15, 2011

Woodward Dream Cruise kicks off for 2011

WXYZ is promoting this event morning, noon, and night. I mean that quite literally, as they posted one clip from their morning show and two from their afternoon and evening newscasts today, in addition to the one from last week I posted Saturday. Here they are.

Dream Cruise Breakfast

People are talking about their Dream Cruise dream cars as we ramp up the preparations for Saturday's Woodward Dream Cruise.
As you can see, this has become a major cultural event, even if it's one that celebrates a pre-sustainability ideal. I'm not going to burn any extra fossil fuel as part of the celebration of automobiles, as Woodward Dream Cruise passes within walking distance of where I live. I should know; I walked to it last year. I'll be walking to it again.

Dream Cruise is not only a tribute to the era of cheap oil and American manufacturing dominance, but also to American ingenuity. Following is a video that exemplifies local inventiveness in motor vehicles. Too bad it won't be on display on Woodward this year.

Commerce Twp man wants to put the world on one wheel.

It's not at all practical, but it sure is cool.

I'll have more about Dream Cruise all this week. If nothing else, it's more fun than reading and writing about the Satan Sandwich. Hey, I can't be all doom all the time!

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