Monday, August 29, 2011

Meta: More meditations on sustainability

I've decided to replace the sustainability logo that I've been using for my posts...

...with this one.


Yes, it's busier,* but it has its advantages.

First, it clearly describes which activities and goals belong where. In particular, it very clearly places research and development, which I've been listing under environment, as being part of economy. I'll be doing that from now on, although I'll keep basic research into environmental issues under environment.**

Second, it can be posted to sites like Daily Kos, which only allows images from a short list of approved hosts. This image is already hosted on Flickr, one of the approved sites.*** In fact, I found this image so that I could use it when I crossposted Silly Sustainability Saturday for August 27, 2011 to Daily Kos for the tip jar.****

Third, it is a reminder that sustainability is about more than the environment. As I told the readers of the Daily Kos mirror of my post, "All of us here on Daily Kos are involved in the fight for sustainability, whether we know it or not--and that's not silly!"

Footnotes beneath the jump.

*Here are two that are worse.

This is actually one of the standard diagrams, but the colored print makes it more difficult to read that it has to be. Also, it's from Conoco Phillips, which happens to be a Koch Industries company. I'm in the middle of boycotting Koch Industries' products because of the political activities of its owners, and I'm going to extend that to this logo. No more use of it from now on. I'm even going to remove it from the PowerPoint presentation that accompanies my lecture on sustainability and replace it with the one from the University of Michigan.

And then there's this one.

That has way too much detail. Also, look at all those arrows!

**I could upload the other logo to my Flickr account, but I'm up against my limit for a basic account and don't feel like paying for more storage just yet.

***Yes, the sustainability news linkspams will return. I just got so burned out on posting them that I had to take a break.

***The tip jar is the first comment, which is there for uprates or downrates. Daily Kos has an automatic tip jar as part of their community moderation policy (diaries by trolls can be downrated enough to get them banned by the moderation software), but users can pre-post a tip jar with actual content. I always do.

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