Friday, August 19, 2011

LOL, Robert Morrow

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Here is another post in the vein of Christine O'Donnell's "Troublemaker" living down to its name, which isn't about sustainability in Detroit, but does fit the Nablopomo theme of Fiction and the listing of this blog under politics on the Nablopomo blogroll. Also, it's about an intra-Tea-Party spat. Since I see the Tea Partiers as obstacles to achieving sustainability, it's not as off-topic as one might first think.

Go over the jump to see why I labeled this one "Fiction." Believe me, it deserves it.

Even before I read the fine print, I knew that Robert Morrow had to be behind this. He started this back in June when he was all over the comments to a New York Magazine story on Rick Perry’s marriage. He had all kinds of juicy stuff to say about Governor Goodhair’s sex life. If you want to read just his comments, click on his profile link.

Then, his remarks got traction over at Stuffed Suits, a Tea Party site based in South Carolina, which posted Tea Party Fraud Rick Perry is Political Herpes. At that point, Texas political blogger Juanita Jean started paying attention, when she posted Strip Clubs? Really? Strip Clubs? Like With Girls? That was a couple of days ago. Today, she posted this ad in What Kind of Boots? She didn't understand the Hillary Clinton Boots reference. It turns out that Morrow is doing the same thing to Perry that he was doing to Clinton back in 2008.

St. Petersburg Times: Some people just love to hate the Clintons
Spreading dubious theories is a Texas man's full-time hobby. What will he do if the senator loses?

The answer to that question ended up being "find a new target." This time, it was the in-state rival to his beloved Ron Paul. Maybe he's trying to replicate for Ron Paul what worked for Michele Bachmann against Tim Pawlenty. Good luck with that.


  1. Originally, I had no idea about Rick Perry being a homosexual - which he is. Because I knew a lot about the strippers and female escorts Rick Perry was playing with. But by late summer, 2011, several credible homosexuals emailed/called me and convinced me Rick Perry is not just "gay" he is Liberace gay, Elton John gay, NY/San Francisco bathhouse gay. Very, very gay.

    Really a rampaging bisexual adulterer.

    Read the book "Head Figure Head" by Glen Maxey and you can read about Perry and his gay prostitutes, Rick Perry and his hilarious Craigslist adventures.

    Basically, Rick Perry is another Ted Haggard. And if Perry had been the GOP nominee, he would have been shelled into oblivion.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You're easily the most famous person to have commented on my blog so far. I'm also glad you took my ridicule of you in stride; if nothing else, you have a sense of humor and a thick skin, good things to have in politics.

      As for the Perry being gay, or at least bisexual, I'd been reading those rumors on Hysterical Raisins for more than a year before I posted this, also from gay and lesbian Texans. Juanita Jean had heard those, too, which is why you got the reaction you did from her.

      You're right, Perry would have been shelled into oblivion, but not for his bisexuality as such; Democrats are OK with that. He would have been attacked for his adultery. We don't like that from our own--witness what happened to John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, and Anthony Weiner--so we would be on firm ground attacking that. We also would have had a field day with his hypocrisy, stupidity, and catering to Dominionists.

      Finally, congratulations. Paul did outlast Perry by a long shot, although not because of the scandal you tried to unearth. Instead, it was for his stupidity. Can you say "oops?"

  2. The Clintons’ Greatest Shame: Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell:

    1. Back to your old targets, I see, especially now that Hillary may be running again. Good luck with that.