Friday, August 19, 2011

Woodward Dream Cruise video roundup for August 18, 2011

I present continuing coverage of the Woodward Dream Cruise, featuring more clips from WXYZ-TV's YouTube Channel.

First up the before and after of the Chevrolet Centennial Parade down Woodward on Thursday.

Dream Cruise - Chevy parade

That's the best Volt commericial I've seen yet--and it was a free-publicity testimonial packaged as news! It's also something that makes me feel less guilty about blogging Dream Cruise every day this week, as featuring the Volt makes this a more sustainable event instead of celebration of gas-guzzlers.

Now the after.

Chevy kicks off the Dream Cruise with the Chevrolet Centennial Parade

Sixty Volts--w00t!

The last report of the day detailed the economic impact of the Dream Cruise. Saturday alone is projected to pump $50 million into the local economy. It needs it.

The Dream Cruise brings in people and money from all over the country.

The Volt owner from Arizona is right; this is an immense celebration of the automobile. The participant from California is also right, California, which used to pride itself as a home of cruising (Van Nuys Boulevard used to be a great crusing strip during the 1950s), would never put up with this. While both southern California and Detroit share car culture, I can say that the Dream Cruise is the greatest celebration of car culture I've ever seen. It's the Rose Parade for car enthusiasts, and anyone with a good-looking car can participate.

Speaking of "anyone with a good-looking car," here are some snapshots of people's classic cars from the morning show.

Woodward Dream Cruise Classic Car Garage

And that's tonight's video roundup.

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