Saturday, August 13, 2011

Silly Sustainability Saturday: Another just links edition

Repeating the format of last week's Silly Sustainability Saturday--pretty much a quick collection of links about the lighter side of sustainablity.

From WXYZ on YouTube:

The Dream Cruise is by no means a sustainable event, but I'm all in favor of GM's Chevrolet division using it to highlight the Volt, with a squadron of 50 of them driving down Woodward.

From Think Progress Green:

Colbert Mocks Right-Wing ‘Heatsteria’

Go, Colbert!

Fox News Responds To Record Heat Waves By Predicting Global Cooling

This would be a lot funnier if people didn't take it seriously.

Santorum Blames Caribou For Nation’s Health Insurance Failures

This would be a lot funnier if Santorum hadn't come in fourth in the Iowa Straw Poll. For an antidote, just Google Santorum.

Doonesbury Gets Cool Roofs Wrong

Garry Trudeau should know better.

From Grist:

The EV-hater’s guide to hating electric cars

A handy debunking guide.

Are these eco-friendly sandals worth $18,000?

As sandals, no. My wife said she'd pay $20 for them. As a fundraiser for a good cause? We'll see.

Add this foldable canoe to your climate change survival plan

When it becomes available, it will probably be a better value than the sandals.

How to tell if your city is going places

Cool infographic, reproduced below.

And that's it for the lighter side of sustainability this week.

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