Thursday, October 30, 2014

$2.89 arrived sooner than I expected

Only a day later, it's time already time to revisit the two opinions with which I opened The limbo bar drops four cents to $2.93.  First, the good news and bad news.
Today, the three stations down the street lowered their prices to $2.93.  That's a surprise, but at least it's not $2.91.  I dodged that bullet by only two cents.  I have until the end of this week to not have to eat my words on the price.  As for the corner station, it's only a matter of time before it matches the rest.
The real good news is that the corner station matched the rest at $2.93.  The weasely good news is that the other didn't lower their prices to $2.91.  The actual bad news, at least for my ability to prognosticate, is this:
As for what to expect next, GasBuddy shows the national average is still $3.03, but just barely.  The Detroit average has finally fallen below $3.00 and is now just above $2.99.  As George Takei would say, oh my!  I might see $2.89 sooner than I thought.
It arrived yesterday, as two of the stations down the street dropped their price for regular to $2.89 and for midgrade to $2.99.  My wife filled up the new car with midgrade.  Meanwhile, the sound you hear is me eating my words.

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