Monday, October 27, 2014

Gas ticks downward once more

When Gas below $3.00 arrived in my neighborhood, two of the three stations down the street were at $2.99.  Shortly afterward, the rest of the stations joined them.  The corner station peeked out of its trench into No Man's Land, but raised its price to only $3.01.  By the next day, it had returned into its shelter at $2.99.  Yesterday, I noticed all the stations had lowered their price to $2.97, another record low in the history of the blog.

Speaking of low prices, GasBuddy shows that my prediction that the national average for gas would remain above $3.10 is no longer valid.  The national average is $3.03.  I knew that would happen.  Also, the Detroit average is $3.01.  No wonder the local outlets dropped their prices.  Somehow, I doubt they'll go to $2.91 soon, but $2.89 sometime in the next two months looks very likely.

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