Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WXYZ notices $3.00 gas

In Corner station challenged to limbo, I quoted a Detroit Free Press on the low gas prices.  Today, WXYZ followed suit with Gas in metro Detroit under $3 per gallon.

I can remember when it was last below $3/gallon here in Detroit.  It was the end of November 2010, four years ago.  I don't have to remember that on my own; GasBuddy showed that to me.

Also, the concern that prices might rise is well-founded.  The national average has landed on a shelf at $3.27 while the Detroit average has actually gone up slightly to match it.  That hasn't happened here yet, as my prediction came true.
The next drop happened yesterday, when the three stations down the street lowered their prices to $3.15.  The corner station is still at $3.19, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they meet the challenge.
When I drove past this evening, it was at $3.15.  Based on the Detroit average rising to a dozen cents higher, I don't expect any more price drops locally this week.  Prices might actually go back up to $3.19 if they do anything at all before resuming their slide down.

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