Thursday, October 23, 2014

Partial solar eclipse at sunset today

For every lunar eclipse, there is a paired solar eclipse within two weeks.  Sure enough, a fortnight after the last lunar eclipse, there will be a solar eclipse today.  Science at NASA posted the original video ScienceCasts: Sunset Solar Eclipse.
On October 23rd, the Moon will pass in front of the sun, off-center, producing a partial solar eclipse visible in most of the United States.
Last I checked, that version of the video wouldn't embed.  However, its clone at on YouTube does: Partial Solar Eclipse - How To View It | Video.

Warning: Do not look directly at the Sun. On October 23rd, 2014, most of the North America will be treated to the eclipse. Viewing from the eastern U.S. will be especially beautiful, weather permitting, due to it occurring at the end of the day.
With any luck, I'll be able to see the setting sun from inside my classroom.  I hope my readers have a good view, too.

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