Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crazy Eddie's Motie News endorsements for the 2014 general election

As I concluded Gas prices fall again:
I'll be back at midnight with the endorsement entry I promised at the end of Obama visits Detroit plus election news from campuses on the campaign trail.  Stay tuned.
It's midnight, so I'm back with the general election edition of Crazy Eddie's Motie News endorses...  I start with my suggestion for Proposals 1 and 2 in the spirit of a picture being worth 1000 words.

How to vote on these proposals was the one thing people at work asked me about.  I told my co-workers to vote no, just as I'm telling my readers.

Follow over the jump for more endorsements.

Given my status as a Democratic delegate, of course I'm going to recommend that my readers vote straight Democratic for the partisan offices.  That's what I'm going to do.  However, that would make for a boring endorsement entry.  Instead, I'll cater to those among my readers who wish to display an independent streak by offering my second choices.

I'm going all the way down to the University of Michigan Regents for alternative possibilities.  If one does not want to vote straight Democratic, the one Republican candidate running for this office I'd find acceptable is Ron Weiser instead of Mike Behm.  That's the same candidate the Free Press endorsed.  Weiser did one good thing for science education, put up the money for the Michigan Science Center, saving it.  I'm not voting for him, but I wouldn't be upset if he won.

For Michigan State University Trustee, while I'm voting for George Perles and Faylene Owen, replacing either one, especially Perles, with Melanie Foster would not be a bad idea.  Honestly, the only reason I first voted for Perles back when I was a Republican was because I'm a Michigan grad and thought MSU deserved him.

On the other hand, do not vote for either Rob Steele or Jeff Sakwa!  Here's what I quoted City Pulse as saying about them:
But the nominations of fruit loop Jeff Sawka and what-can-I-run-for-today Rob Steele along with X-Files cast members Jeff Courser (Mulder) and Melanie Kurdys (Scully) is so frightening, we can understand why a voter would give up bothering to pick through this sad lot and go straight Democratic.
Keep these two as far away from elected office as possible!

The last office for which I have an alternate recommendation on the statewide ballot is Supreme Court.  Again, I'm voting for the Democratic nominees, Richard Bernstein and Bill Murphy for the full-term positions and Deborah Thomas for the partial-term seat.  The only protest vote I'd recommend is for Doug Dern over Bill Murphy, and that only if one really believes that Bill Murphy is insufficiently pro-choice.  That was an issue at the Michigan Democratic convention.  However, Murphy was the one Democratic nominee that the Free Press endorsed, and so is more qualified than the other two Democratic nominees--and much more qualified than Dern, who I'm annoyed at for not cooperating with me as an Examiner.com reporter--but that's another story for another time.

Finally, I have endorsements for community college boards.  In Macomb County, I endorse the “3 for MCC” slate: Jennifer Haase, Vicki Selva and Vince Viviano.  In Oakland County, I endorse Chris Noordhoorn and Randy Ston, both of whom have also been endorsed by the Michigan Education Association.  In Washtenaw County, I will echo the endorsements of the faculty association: David DeVarti, Mark Freeman, and Ruth Hatcher.  For Wayne County, I'm passing along the endorsements of the Northville Democratic Club for Schoolcraft College: Bob Breslin, Joan Gebhardt, and Terry Gilligan, with Brian Brodarick as an acceptable choice.  I'm not bothering with Henry Ford or WCCC.

As for local proposals, I urge a yes vote on any millage renewal for schools, libraries, parks, recycling, transportation, and infrastructure, especially roads and streets.  Vote for sustainability and against austerity!

Check back tomorrow for an entry promoting my Examiner.com articles on the election results.

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