Saturday, November 8, 2014

Climate change videos from Discovery News for Sandy's second anniversary

I was just getting started observing the second anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm with Students compare notes about Katrina and Sandy.  I now present two videos from Discovery News to mark the occasion.

First, Climate Change Is Affecting Earth’s Gravity!

Climate change is changing the Earth in more ways than we could’ve imagined! Join Amy as she discusses how the ice sheets melting is changing gravity on Earth!
The title is sensationalistic, but it really is happening.  For something really sensationalistic and less substantiated, watch Climate Change Is Causing Fewer Male Births!

Climate change is not only affecting the environment, but it actually is causing less male births! Tara is here to explain this weird consequence.
My friend Nebris responded to this news by saying that even he had a hard time believing this.  Still, if it is true, it's the kind of thing that will get people's attention to the issue.

Stay tuned for more climate change news originally posted at Daily Kos as part of Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday.

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