Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clapping for the Progress Fairy

I included a programming note in Halloween drinks from Tipsy Bartender.
In case you're wondering what Inna's costume is, it's a pink fairy, as she explains in the Outtakes.  I'll embed that in a future entry, as it ties into another topic.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, as a fellow dachshund owner, I love her dog!
Here's the video I promised more than a month ago.

Inna's costume reminded me of Greer's A Pink Slip for the Progress Fairy.  He meant firing the mythical figure, but something more literal occurred to me.  I didn't respond to that image then, but I did two weeks later in after watching Inna in Dark Age America: Involuntary Simplicity.
Greer: By the way, a thank you and apology to all who posted comments to last week's essay here.

Me: I never did follow up on my promise to critique your future history, and I won't do it tonight.  Instead, I was wondering if any of your readers had another image when they read your title--giving a female fairy a pink slip to wear as a present.  That occurred to me, but then I recalled that lusting after the fair folk tends to be bad for one's health, safety, and sanity.  Think about the metaphor that alternative interpretation yields!

Greer: Pinku-sensei, yes, I thought about five seconds after posting last week's essay that some people might think I was talking about rose-colored underthings for a minor figure out of the writings of L. Frank Baum. The GDP material makes perfect sense to me!

"[A] minor figure out of the writings of L. Frank Baum."  I had in mind a supporting character from the works of J.M. Barrie.  So, how many people are clapping for the Progress Fairy to keep her alive?

Greer: Pinku-sensei, too funny.
So, who wants to clap for the Pink Progress Fairy?

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