Friday, July 3, 2015


I told my readers what to expect at the end of article on Trump combing in second in Michigan.
Stay tuned for a celebration of Canada Day and this month's Nablopomo theme.  Hint, it's recycled.
I took care of the first promise with 50 years of the Maple Leaf Flag for Canada Day.  Now it's time to follow through on the second.

First, the email.
July's NaBloPoMo Theme: CONNECT!

Three Dog Night said that one is the loneliest number, and I think they were onto something. Luckily, our theme this month is connect.

Unless you're writing solely for yourself, you use your blog to connect with readers. You connect them with information you think they want to read. You connect them to aspects of your life. Our blogs serve as the connecting thread between the reader and our minds.

So what connections will you make this month? Which bloggers will you meet? Which family events will you attend? Which people will you reconnect with via Facebook?
You can read more about the new NaBloPoMo theme on our opening post.
Follow over the jump for the relevant part of the description on the website.

I'm not going to the BlogHer conference, so I'm skipping to the actual theme.
I love blogging, but you have to admit that even with comments and Twitter conversations and Facebook, it can feel a little lonely at times. Almost like everyone is farther away than just the computer screens between us. So I love the conference because it's a chance to physically be with the people I read or to meet new people that I start reading after the conference.

So this month, we're talking about connections. If you're not going to the conference, that's okay, too. We're talking about all kinds of connections: what makes you read a post (or not), the glue that holds your family together, and whether you're more of a big crowd or one-on-one sort of person.
Honestly, I preferred the description of the theme from two years ago.
Every human being needs to feel connected to something larger than herself, whether that be other people, an idea, a religion, or a movement. Humans are not meant to be solitary, exploring life on our own. E.M. Foster in Howard's End said, "only connect!" in order to "live in fragments no longer."

This month, we're going to be exploring that idea of connection. We're going to look at the ways we socialize on the Internet, and the importance of face-to-face time. We're going to be looking at missed connections, and the ones that have changed our lives. We'll look back on your first days of blogging, and think ahead to the future and all the connections that are waiting for you.
So come write about your connections.  Reflect on the first connections you made with people via the Internet, and muse on the ones that may happen in the future.  We'll be talking about the various ways we're already connected, and the ways we can become connected.
Sometimes, recycling does not improve things.  Even so, I'm still participating; this blog is #25 on the blogroll and I've already connected with the blogger at Alphabet Salad, who lives across the Detroit River in Windsor.

Stay tuned for two 4th of July entries, a drum-corps-themed one that I hinted at in Presenting the colors for Flag Day and another featuring drink recipes for the holiday from Tipsy Bartender, followed by the Sunday entertainment entry.  "I'll be back" for that after the holiday.

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