Friday, October 21, 2016

Keith Olbermann thinks Trump is a threat to democracy

I began Cracked on the Food Pyramid by writing "Last night was the final debate, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to respond; I'll have more time and Keith Olbermann will have posted his reaction."  I took enough time that I was rewarded by Olbermann posting not one, but two rants on the same topic, Trump refusing to say that he would accept the election results.  Here's the first, Donald Trump Must Withdraw. Here's Why.

This is now bigger than who becomes the next president. Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy.
I agree with Keith; Trump is a threat to our democracy.  As for him withdrawing, it's not happening.  Trump's ego won't allow him to do that.

Keith was a bit calmer the next day, but he lost none of his edge when he declared These Insane Excuses From Trump's Surrogates Are Deplorable.

It's now up to GOP leaders (the ones who want a future in politics) to fully repudiate Donald Trump.
This topic has so upset Keith that he forgot to end the show with his usual tag line, so I'll do it for him.  Watch this space.


  1. the last time we had a party - or a faction - absolutely refuse to concede an election's results, it was civil war.

    Olbermann doesn't think. HE KNOWS. We should know that too. Gods help us.

    1. I'm quite aware of that history. We are headed for even more dangerous times than we've already had.

  2. Have you discussed this with the Archdruid at all? His latest post convinced me that he and I are living in different universes together. (For one thing, I can't tell if he's denying the existence of the deplorables or if he just considers them irrelevant.)

    1. Welcome back! I've missed your comments!

      No. I stayed off his blog entirely last month. His posts just didn't offer me an opening.

      As for his latest post, I just read it. He's dismissing the "deplorables" comment as more and mere posturing by the salary class and their political champions--never mind that authoritarianism and white nationalism are quite real and definitely are motivating the "deplorables" who compose a good chunk of Trump's base. Meanwhile, he's sympathizing with the other half of Trump's supporters, who compose most of his neighbors in Appalachia. I think they're having quite an influence on his perspective.