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Drinking games and drinks for the Vice Presidential Debate

Gentle Readers!  With the Vice Presidential Debate coming this Tuesday night, it's time to join together and play a drinking game.  While the Presidential Debates already have two sets of rules from Drinks and drinking games for Donald Trump and the GOP debates and Drinks for the Democratic debates: Hillary Clinton taken from Paul W.'s You Might Notice a Trend blog, this edition features rules from  Follow along with the sock puppets as they read the rules!

Rules for the 2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game as explained by poorly rehearsed puppets.
1 - Pick a candidate
2 - Listen for YOUR candidate to say his/her specific words and listen for every candidate to say a community word. If ANY CANDIDATE says a community word, EVERYONE drinks
3 - Because this may be a high scoring game, we define a drink as a gulp of beer or sip of wine or liquor. Know your limits and please drink responsibly.
Here are the words to drink to.

Tim Kaine: Virginia, Guns, *Anything in Spanish*, Middle Class, Military, and Together.

Mike Pence:  Indiana, Second Amendment, Constitution, Budget, Religion, and Shoulders.

Community Words: Governor, TPP, and Reagan.

If my readers don't like the one above, A.M. N.Y. has a different drinking game.
-When Pence describes himself as "a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order," drink.

-When Kaine randomly says a word in Spanish, drink.

-If Pence mentions his former radio show, “The Mike Pence Show,” drink.

-When Kaine says something that sounds like something your dad would say, drink.

-If you start to fall asleep, drink some coffee.

-If Pence diverts a question about how he initially supported Ted Cruz over Donald Trump, drink.

-If Kaine diverts a question about how he said former President Bill Clinton should resign, drink.

-When you start to wish you were watching Joe Biden and Paul Ryan debate, drink.

-If Kaine does an impression of Trump like he did in his DNC speech in July, drink.

-When you think you’re seeing double, it’s time to go to sleep.
I think those are enough rules.  Follow over the jump for the drinks for each candidate.

I begin with the drinks for Tim Kaine.  He is the Governor of Virginia, like Jim Gilmore, who got fewer votes than Vermin Supreme.  I'll do the same thing for Kaine that I did for Gilmore, "be a good environmentalist and recycle the Virgina drink for Jim Webb...the Virginia Slammer from BarMeister."
1 shot(s)     Jack Daniel's Whiskey
1 shot(s)     Southern Comfort
1 shot(s)     Amaretto
1 shot(s)     Triple Sec
4 dash(es)     Grenadine
2 shot(s)     Orange Juice

Like Webb, Kaine has a Missouri connection, so I'm recycling the recipe from Berniementum that I used for Webb as well.
Jim Webb is from Missouri. The staple cocktail is the Missouri Mule, and the staple soda is IBC Root Beer.
Here's the recipe from Jolly Bartender.

This is a drink that tastes almost exactly like a Negroni but with no gin. It belongs to the Mule class of applejack drinks. It also has a lot of similarities to the Mississippi Punch. Glassware for the drink is debatable, even in the same recipe I found on my phone app.

    1/2 oz. bourbon
    1/2 oz. applejack
    1/4 oz. Campari
    1/4 oz. Cointreau
    1/2 oz. lemon juice
    orange peel

Shake all ingredients except orange peel. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass or over ice in an old fashioned glass.
Kaine was easy.  Mike Pence required more work, but not too much.  Here are the three recipes I found for him, all of which honor Indiana.  I begin with Spoon University's choice, the Jaegerbomb.

Jägermeister is one of the most purchased alcohols in Indiana, so you can’t go wrong with a Jägerbomb. These shots are fun to take, but don’t drink too many of them. Take it from the Hoosiers (and not just IU students) who have mastered the art of jägerbombs.
Grub Street came up with a more sophisticated drink, the North Shore Flower.

The key here is tracking down the specific gin, which is made in Illinois, about an hour north of Chicago: In a shaker, combine 2 ounces North Shore Gin Number 6, 1 1/4 ounce Chase elderflower liqueur, 3/4 ounce lemon juice, and 1/2 ounce gum syrup (the bar uses Wilks & Wilson). Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.
Indiana is the home of the Indianpolis 500, which has inspired its share of cocktails.  Any of the ten at the link would be a good choice, but the one that I found appropriate is the Refined Janet Guthrie.

Inspiration: 1977 is the first time a woman qualified for and raced in the Indy 500. This cocktail was inspired by Janet Guthrie who was the first female driver to qualify and race in the Indy 500.
Recipe: 1 part Sweet Tea vodka, 1.5 part Refine Mixers margarita mix, pour over ice, garnish with fresh sprig of mint.
The smashing of one glass ceiling deserves a drink honoring the smashing of another.

Finally, as both candidates are sitting governors and "governor" is one of the community drinking words, I'm sharing the recipe for the Governor from iDrink.
Ingredients to use:    
3 oz.    Apple Cider
1 oz.    Rye/Whiskey
2 oz.    Vermouth

Place ice in a glass, and mix in the ingriedients. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with a cherry.
That's a very simple drink.  For a more complex one, here's The Governor Cocktail from the Corkbuzz Restaurant and Winebar via Charlotte's Got A Lot.


1 1/2 ounces Citadelle Gin
2 ounces grapefruit juice
1/4 ounce rosemary simple syrup
1 pomegranate juice ice cube
1/2-inch section rosemary sprig


Add first three ingredients to shaker filled with ice and shake until sides are frosted.
Pour all contents into rocks glass.
Add pomegranate ice cube and generously rub rosemary sprig around outside rim of glass, then toss into the cocktail.
That's quite enough booze.  Enjoy the debate and drink responsibly!

P.S. This is the Sunday Entertainment feature.  I've posted drinking games on Sunday before, beginning with one for Donald Trump and continuing with Graham, Pataki, and Gilmore, so I've already set the precedent.


  1. First rule of Vice Presidential debate drinking games:
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    Second rule of Vice Presidential debate drinking games:
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