Sunday, October 23, 2016

Zombie squirrels for Wester 2016!

Happy Wester, which is "the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Autumnal Equinox."  Normally I'd post a happy squirrel for the fake holiday's mascot, but since tonight is the return of "The Walking Dead" and is only a week away from Halloween, I'm posting a zombie squirrel instead.  May he be more cute and less terrifying than Negan.  As I wrote in Drinks for criminal clowns, "Poor Rick and his crew have no idea how weird things are going to get!"  They fell down the rabbit hole in Season 1; now Negan is about to reach through the looking glass and pull them in to the other side.


  1. I started reading and kinda skimmed over Wester. Then, the description sounded like Easter. Ohhhhh. A little slow on the uptake. Love the zombie squirrel and those poor innocent acorns. Zombie squirrels are perfect this time of year. They all seem absolutely suicidal. I had 4 of them run out in front of me over the course of a day's driving recently.

    1. Yes, Wester is a parody of Easter. Glad you enjoyed the zombie squirrel. As for your squirrels, they sound a little nuts. Yes, I went there.