Thursday, November 10, 2016

Public Transportation also lost Tuesday

I had high hopes for the Regional Transit Millage, just as I did for Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately, that, too, fell short as RTA millage rejected by metro Detroit voters.
The Regional Transit Authority millage appears to have been defeated, with unofficial vote tallies for all but one precinct in the four-county area where it was proposed.

The tax appears to have failed by about 18,000 votes.

Voters in Wayne and Washtenaw counties supported the tax, approving it 359,244 to 322,447, and 93,994 to 73,270, respectively. It fell short, by 1,109 votes in Oakland county, where the tally was 293,510 against and 292,401 in support. But, the opposition was greatest in Macomb county, with a vote of 222,806 no to 148,159 yes.
The RTA will not be able to try again for a millage for another two years.
Unlike Trump defeating Clinton, this wasn't shocking, merely disappointing.  It's particularly not surprising that Macomb County voted against the measure.  The county voted for Trump and was the least enthusiastic for renewing the Detroit Zoo millage last August.  Here's to trying again in two years so that metro Detroit can get the public transportation system it needs.

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