Thursday, September 6, 2018

Contribute to Coffee Party USA on National Coffee Ice Cream Day

Happy National Coffee Ice Cream Day!
If you are a coffee lover and a lover of ice cream, then this is the food holiday you look forward to every year.  National Coffee Ice Cream Day is observed annually on September 6th.
Since today is a coffee national day, I'm using it to plug Coffee Party USA, just like I did on Irish Coffee Day earlier this year.  Full disclosure - as I mentioned most recently in National Nonprofit Day, I'm a director and officer of the organization.

Yesterday, I donated $5.00 to Coffee Party USA.  I ask all my readers to match me by  making a donation of $5.00 or more.  It will go to improving our website, which we are in the middle of doing, finding Voter Buddies to help people register and get to the polls, registering people to vote through our partners TurboVote and National Voter Registration Day, and organize local community groups.  It's an election year, and Coffee Party USA is doing our part to get people involved and ready to vote this November.  Donate and you can help in that effort.  If that's not enough, become a member or volunteer.

Coffee Party on!

Thanks for reading the appeal and even more thanks if you matched my donation or became a member or volunteer.  Now that you've done that, have some coffee ice cream.  Watch National coffee ice cream day from azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ.

It is national coffee ice cream day. We find out how Italians bring together these two favorite treats, with an affogato.  It is espresso poured over gelato.  Affogato means drowned, so the ice cream is drowned in coffee.
If that's not enough, have an appropriate drink from Tipsy Bartender, a Coffee Root Beer Float.

Here's the recipe:

1 1/2 oz. (45ml) Coffee Liqueur
2 oz. (60ml) Root Beer
1 Scoop Coffee Ice Cream
Garnish: Chocolate Syrup/Chocolate Sprinkles

1. Rim edge of champagne flute with chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles.
2. Drizzle a small amount of chocolate sauce into base of glass and add a small scoop of ice cream on top.
3. Pour over coffee liqueur and top with root beer.
Enjoy and, once again, Happy National Coffee Ice Cream Day!


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