Friday, August 17, 2018

Support Coffee Party USA on National Nonprofit Day

Thanks to National Day Calendar, I found out that today is National Nonprofit Day.*  As a director and officer of Coffee Party USA, a nonprofit organization, that's a special day to me.  In particular, I found the site's explanation of the importance of nonprofits informative and inspirational.
Somewhere a volunteer reads to school children; a patient receives steady medication; a lawyer provides legal services for low-income individuals; a nonprofit funeral home buries a lost soul; or a first-time homebuyer is moving into his own home. On August 17, National Nonprofit Day (NND) reminds us that each of these scenes is possible because of the nonprofit sector and the work performed by capable men, women and organizations.

NND recognizes more than nonprofits’ primary altruistic goals (awareness, research, and aid); it also acknowledges the added positive impacts they have on communities and the world.

For example, following the recent U.S. recession, in 2012 the nonprofit sector provided 5.4% of the nation’s entire GDP (gross domestic product), or $887.3 billion; continuously employing nurses, web developers, lawyers, computer engineers and more (sources: John Hopkins and Tactical Philanthropy Advisors reports).
That's an impressive share of the nation's economy as well as an inspirational list of good deeds.  It makes me glad to be doing my part in the nonprofit world.

I'm not the only person favorably impressed by the role of nonprofits.  The Freeholders of Monmouth County Government are as well.

Monmouth County Freeholder Gerry Scharfenberger, Ph.D., highlights the vital role nonprofit organizations have in Monmouth County. He reminds the public of the County's Faith-Based Initiative as a way to connect residents with services provided through nonprofits.
I'm glad Dr. Scharfenberger and his colleagues are putting their money where their mouths are with nonprofits.  May they continue to support worthy efforts.

Speaking of supporting worthy efforts, it's time for a description of all the things Coffee Party USA has been doing the past year as well as an appeal for support.  To see and hear both, watch this report from the Coffee Party USA Yearly In-Person Board Meeting 2017 by fellow director Egberto Willies.†

During the annual, in-person board meeting (Aug 24-27), the Coffee Party directors watched as Hurricane Harvey approached the Texas coast. And we continued planning.

We reviewed the 640 responses to our annual survey. We reviewed Coffee Party mission and vision statements with core values. We reviewed the five end-state goals that break out into the 15 issues with Coffee Party positions. We discussed the need for a unified Coffee Party voice, and a better plan to communicate the Coffee Party voice effectively. And the need to upgrade the Coffee Party website.

We persisted in laying out a focus and goals for the next fiscal year. The result? Coffee Party USA will highlight our Electoral Reform end state goal through the 2018 election to help make sure our voices of civility and reason cut through the bias and polarization. We will be heard.
Coffee Party USA has been busy this past year doing everything in the video that our resources allow.  To support these efforts, the actions the Board of Directors will decide on next week at the 2018 annual retreat, and Coffee Party USA's mission of "building, nurturing and connecting communities to reclaim our government for the people," become a member.  One can also donate without becoming a member.  Either way, the other directors and I will thank you, even if you won't get a tax deduction (Coffee Party USA is a 501c4 organization under the tax code).

Just the same, anyone who contributes to us will know that they did their best to help make American government more responsive to the people instead of corporations and anyone who uses our website will benefit from a better user experience.  As the image below says, become a member today!

Coffee Party on!

Follow over the jump for the footnotes.

*Now, why today?  National Day Calendar has the answer.
Sherita J. Herring, a renowned speaker, best-selling author and business strategist, founded National Nonprofit Day to educate, enlighten and empower others to make a difference, while acknowledging those that are in the trenches, impacting lives every day – the Change-Makers of the World!

The Tariff Act of 1894 signed into law on August 17, imposed the first federal income tax on corporations, which included exemptions for nonprofit corporations and charitable institutions. With a few modifications, nonprofit exemptions remain a solid part of the law and have served significant benefits, both for communities and the economy.
That's why today.  Now, why haven't I heard of this holiday before?
The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Nonprofit Day to be observed annually in 2017.
It only started last year, that's why.

†Yes, that's me in the center.  If you wanted to know what I look and sound like, now you know.  Astute long-time readers will have already figured out my real name.

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