Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Drum corps Super Tuesday

In the spirit of Marching Music for the Iowa Caucuses: Colts and Hawkeyes, which kicked off last month and ended up being the eighth most read entry posted during February, I present a drum corps Super Tuesday featuring the top corps from the states holding primaries and caucuses today and tonight.  The first corps to play while my readers are waiting for the results to come in hails from Massachusetts, the 2015 Boston Crusaders DCI Semi-Finals FULL SHOW | "Conquest" (original video replaced).

In case anyone is wondering, she's singing Gaelic lyrics to the theme from "Game of Thrones" and "Conquest."*  Remember, Trump is coming and he's building a wall.

Follow over the jump for four more corps from the primary and caucus states of Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado.

Next, representing Georgia (and also Alabama, where the corps briefly resided while sponsored by JSU), the 2015 Spirit of Atlanta present their show, "Out of the Ashes."

Representing Minnesota is the Minnesota Brass and their 2011 show, "Valhalla."

Continuing to the west as I follow the poll closing times, I present the Crossmen, who currently call Texas home.  Their 2015 program is titled "Above and Beyond."

San Antonio, TX – 12TH PLACE 85.025

"Above and Beyond" explored the aerial realm of the sky and the inspiration it gives people when they look at it and dream of accomplishing ever-greater things in life. Birdlike drill formations, flags shaped like birdwings and butterfly wings, giant paper airplanes, kites, and sets of clouds seeming to float around the field were just a few of the things conveying the lighter-than-air images.
The last corps to perform is from the last state with a major drum corps to close its polls tonight, Colorado.  Here are the 2015 Blue Knights performing "Because."

6TH PLACE 91.850

"Because…" was a program of pure beauty that wasn’t afraid to take time to breathe. The numerous prop mirrors staged on the field, not present in earlier conceptions of the show, assisted in conveying the personal reflection heard throughout. The music surged over the audience like a giant wave, cleansing the soul and leaving everyone smelling clean, refreshed, and purified as the corps disappeared like magic, leaving fans alone in their thoughts.
If they look familiar, it's because (heh) I used them in Carolina vs. Denver in a drum corps Super Bowl.  Carolina won the drum corps contest, but Denver won the Super Bowl, much to my happy surprise.

I hope these performances kept my readers' energy up through the long night of waiting for polls to close and results to come in!

*It's not over until the lady with the sword sings.  Yes, I went there.

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