Sunday, February 13, 2022

Trevor Noah, Joy Reid, and Tiffany Cross interview Questlove, director of Oscar-nominated documentary 'Summer of Soul'

I concluded yesterday's Darwin Day post by telling my readers that "the Sunday entertainment feature...may or may not be on the Super Bowl. I haven't decided yet, so stay tuned." I wasn't feeling like sports or commercials today, so instead I'm updating 'Summer of Soul,' my pick for best documentary of 2021 now that the film earned an Oscar nomination and it's the middle of Black History Month. I begin with Trevor Noah's interview Questlove - Black Woodstock, Black Erasure & Black Joy on "The Daily Show."

“Black joy is the component that shows that we’re human. This could have been that moment had it been allowed the spotlight that Woodstock had gotten.” Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson discusses his award-winning documentary “Summer of Soul” and explains why the summer of 1969 wasn’t as one-dimensional as history makes it appear.
Questlove's observations about how this event was lost to history, his own disbelief that it had even happened, casual racism, and "Black joy" are ones that he also made in the MSNBC interviews below, but they are worth hearing and seeing again. I also second Noah's remark that "Summer of Soul" deserves all the awards it has won and will win, although I think the competition with "Flee," which I called "a triple threat" because of its then-expected and now-realized nominations for Best Documentary Feature, Best Animated Feature Film, and Best International Feature Film, will be fierce.

Joy Reid interviewed Questlove for even longer than Noah in Summer Of Soul' Doc Directed By Questlove Celebrates 'Black Woodstock' Hidden From History.

Questlove on directing 'Summer of Soul,' which is now Oscar-nominated for Best Documentary, and how the concert featured has been dubbed the 'Black Woodstock,' hidden from history until this groundbreaking film. 'Summer of Soul' is streaming on Hulu and airs for free on Sunday, Feb. [20] on ABC.
Thanks to Joy for making the Black History Month connection. This rediscovered event qualifies as an important moment in American cultural history. Also, I can relate to Joy's looking for her parents in the crowd. That's something I would do.

Tiffany Cross followed up with her own interview Saturday morning, Questlove's "Summer of Soul" Earns Oscar Nomination For Best Documentary.

More than 300,000 people attended the Harlem Cultural Festival to watch iconic musicians like Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and more perform at the 1969 summer concert series. Questlove transports us back to that eventful summer in his Oscar-nominated documentary, “Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised).”
Here's to hoping "Summer of Soul" wins so that Questlove can give Tiffany Cross a secret signal. If he does, and it's not a lock because of "Flee," I'll be watching for it.

Speaking of "Flee," I plan on writing a post about it, just as I did for "Belfast" and plan to for "Dune." I'll get to both, but only after Valentines Day. Stay tuned.

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