Saturday, October 23, 2021

'Dune' director and stars on Colbert for National TV Talk Show Host Day

Happy National TV Talk Show Host Day! Since tomorrow is both National Food Day and Wester, I'm going to blog about entertainment today instead of tomorrow for the Sunday entertainment feature. I'm not avoiding politics, just current real-world politics, as the subject of today's entry is "Dune," which features a lot of futuristic politics and political allegory in its science fiction. I should know, as I have read the book and watched both the 1984 David Lynch movie and the current Denis Villneuve release.

Speaking of Villneuve, here he is on "Late Night with Stephen Colbert" in "Dune" Director Denis Villeneuve On His "Brilliant, Intelligent" Star Timothée Chalamet.

Stephen Colbert is a known "Dune" superfan so he delights in picking the brain of director Denis Villeneuve, who explains the delicate process of adapting such a far-reaching novel into a film and expresses his admiration for its star Chalamet.
My wife and I watched "Dune" at home on HBO Max, but I can imagine what the experience would have been like in a theater. Because of the pandemic, we're passing on that.

Follow over the jump for Stephen's interviews with the stars of "Dune."

I begin with an even earlier interview, the first segment of which is Rebecca Ferguson Was Sold When She Saw Director Denis Villeneuve's Love For "Dune".

She wasn't familiar with "Dune" before getting a call from director Denis Velleneuve, but his passion for the subject matter convinced her right away that she should take the part. "Dune" opens in theaters and on HBO Max on October 22nd.
My previous observation about her was "Rebecca Ferguson made a compelling villain in 'Doctor Sleep,'" but she made an even more compelling Lady Jessica in "Dune."

Next, "Jason Momoa Owes Me Money" - Rebecca Ferguson On Her "Dune" Castmates.

"Dune" star Rebecca Ferguson talks about the complexity of the novel the film is based on, and the amazing group of co-stars she worked with like Jason Momoa, Zendaya and Timotheé Chalamet. "Dune" opens in theaters and on HBO Max on October 22.
Yes, "Dune" really does have an all-star cast. Also, kudos to Ferguson for putting together the group chat.

Stephen's geeky side came out in the last segment of the interview, Stephen's "Dune" Spoilers With Rebecca Ferguson.

Stephen has seen "Dune" already, and even Rebecca Ferguson can't stop him from revealing way too much about the movie which opens on October 22nd in theaters and on HBO Max.
Yes, Lady Jessica still has a big part to play in the next part of "Dune."

I conclude with the most recent segments, which begin with We're On Arrakis With Zendaya & Timothée Chalamet For A "Dune" Preview!

Stephen travels to the planet Arrakis to meet "Dune" stars Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, who tell how hard they worked to land the roles of Chani and Paul in the highly anticipated film by Denis Villeneuve. "Dune" opens in theaters and on HBO Max today!
Chalamet's friendship with Jason Momoa and Zendaya came through on the screen — chemistry indeed! Also, "anything to promote?" Hahahahaha! Stephen knows exactly what he's doing.* even from someone who is doing his part to spread the word on a film he enjoyed.

Stephen's interview of Chalamet and Zendaya continues in Fart Jokes Kept Timothée & Zendaya Entertained On The "Dune" Set.

Stephen's visit to Arrakis continues as the stars of "Dune," Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, admit that they would tell each other fart jokes to keep things fun on set. "Dune" opens in theaters and on HBO Max today!
I agree with Stephen; this is likely the best possible adaptation of the novel. My wife asked me if this movie was faithful to the book and I responded "Yes, in ways that the 1984 version didn't even attempt." Even the alterations improved the story.

The interview concluded with Play "Duner Or Later" With Zendaya & Timothée Chalamet, Stars Of "Dune".

The stars of "Dune," Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, wrap up their three-part interview with superfan Stephen Colbert by playing a little game to see how well they know their history. "Dune" opens in theaters and on HBO Max today!
Chalamet understands the political allegory in "Dune." Also, Zendaya is right; Stephen is no fake fan.

*And that's from someone who is also promoting the film because he enjoyed it. I know what I'm doing, too.

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