Friday, October 7, 2022

Biden announces pardons for federal marijuana possession

I called marijuana legalization "an opening for Democrats" and closed the entry with "Here's to the Democrats taking advantage of this issue." Yesterday, President Biden did, as WUSA9 reported Biden announces pardon for all prior federal offenses for the simple possession of marijuana.

President Joe Biden announced several key marijuana reforms on Thursday, Oct. 6, fulfilling a promise he made on the campaign trail.
PBS NewsHour had more news and analysis in Biden pardons thousands convicted on federal marijuana charges.

President Biden pardoned thousands of Americans convicted on federal charges of simple possession of marijuana and encouraged governors to do the same. The president also directed his administration to review how marijuana is classified as a drug under federal law. Law professor and former federal prosecutor Mark Osler joined Laura Barrón-López to discuss the announcement.
Wow! That's even more bold than forgiving (some) student loan debt, which, along with lower gas prices, has contributed to Biden's higher approval ratings. It's also more than I expected from this Administration. I'm glad to be pleasantly surprised.

I plan on returning to entertainment tomorrow with the EMA Awards nominees. Stay tuned.

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