Friday, March 24, 2023

Randy Rainbow sings 'Life's a (bleep)ing Fantasy for Santos' on Flashback Friday

Happy Flashback Friday! For the first retrospective of the twelfth year of this blog's top posts, I'm examining the most read entries examining George Santos and featuring the song and dance of Randy Rainbow with his latest, Life's a F***ing Fantasy for Santos - A Randy Rainbow Parody.

Parodies: "Jolly Holiday" from Mary Poppins (Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman)
"Georgy Girl" by The Seekers (Tom Springfield)

Parody lyrics: Randy Rainbow

Vocals: Randy Rainbow

Song Produced, Orchestrated, Mixed, Mastered by: Michael J Moritz Jr

Arrangement/Vocal Arrangement - Joel Waggoner

Piano/Orchestral - Michael J Moritz Jr
Guitar/Engineer - Jakob Reinhardt
Bass/Drums - Ryan Saranich
I'm recycling my reaction from Weekend Update on 'SNL' reports on Tucker Carlson, rats carrying COVID, and the Oscars: "My prediction that, as long as George Santos remains in the news, he will be an inspiration for comedy continues to come true." I can think of few people better equipped to mock him than Randy Rainbow.

Follow over the jump for the stories of how the top posts about George Santos and those featuring Randy Rainbow got their page views.

I shared Randy Rainbow sings 'Speaker of the House' for Kevin McCarthy, posted January 30, 2023 at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page the same day. That was enough to attract ~2,030 default and 2037 raw page views during the last two days of January 2023 and 574 default and 594 raw page views during February 2023 for a total of ~2,610 default and 2,630 raw total over first two months of 2023. It was the most read entry during January 2023 and the third most read during February 2023. A trickle of page views during the first three weeks of March 2023 pushed the post to ~2,610 default and 2,639 raw page views as of March 2023, which ranked it third by default views and fourth by raw views for the twelfth year of this blog. That rounds up to 2.64K, as the image above shows. It is currently the most read entry during calendar year 2023.

I also shared Jon Stewart on the problem with George Santos, posted January 19, 2023, at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page. It earned ~1,720 default and 1723 raw page views that month to be the second most read entry during January 2023. It ended the blogging year with ~1,720 default and 1,758 raw page views, ranking it eighth according to default page views. It was also eighth among entries posted during the twelfth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News and seventeenth overall. It is currently the second most read entry during calendar year 2023.

Like the two other entries in today's retrospective, I shared Randy Rainbow's songs from his Grammy-nominated comedy album, posted February 4, 2023, at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page. That earned it 857 default and 880 raw page views that month, ranking it first during February 4, 2023. By March 20, 2023, it had 856 default and 884 raw page views — once again, Blogger trims default page views even as raw page views continue to increase — placing the post in 17th place by default page views, 31st among entries posted during the twelfth year of this blog, and 40th overall, making this the lowest ranked post examined in the part of this series by total readers. As of March 20, 2023, it was the third most read entry during calendar year 2023 according to default page views, but 1987 Cadets 'Appalachian Spring' for a drum corps Vernal Equinox from March 20, 2023 has passed it with 857 default page views as I type this. However, it still has fewer raw page views with 860, so the second most read Randy Rainbow entry still has third according to that measure. Besides, it's still earning page views, as the image above shows 885 page views, with one earned on March 21, 2023.

I might reuse the paragraph above in my next retrospective, a special Sunday entertainment feature about the most read entries about awards shows. In the meantime, stay tuned for a celebration of this year's Earth Hour.

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