Sunday, June 19, 2022

Celebrate Father's Day on Juneteenth with the Colberts reading cards, parades, and martinis

Happy Father's Day on Juneteenth! Since this is Sunday, when I usually post an entertainment feature, I'm starting with Stephen Colbert reading First Drafts: Father's Day 2022 feat. Evie Colbert.

The fabulous Evie Colbe[r]t returns for a very special Father's Day edition of everyone's favorite late night greeting card segment, First Drafts.
That was cute and enough for me to wish to see more of Evie, who was a big part of Colbert's shows from home during the first year of the pandemic.

Now for three Juneteenth parades and marches, beginning with Good Morning America reporting on The celebration of the first federally observed Juneteenth in Galveston, Texas, last year.

ABC News’ Marcus Moore is in Galveston, Texas, this morning where Union troops traveled on June 19, 1865, to inform slaves of their freedom granted by the Emancipation Proclamation.
That looked like a joyous set of celebrations. Sunday Today showed one with a more somber tinge this morning in Celebrating The History Of Juneteenth, Lessons In Modern America.

This year, the first in-person Juneteenth celebration is marching back to life in Buffalo, New York since the start of the pandemic. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports in this week’s Sunday Spotlight on the first year Juneteenth will be widely celebrated across the country and the history of the Buffalo festival.
Samantha Bee mentioned the Buffalo mass shooting when she reminded us that "Congress Has the Power to Stop Mass Shootings," but this is the first time I've posted anything specifically about the massacre, making this a post about guns as about holidays.

Now for an event that combines both holidays, Brooklyn march celebrates Black dads on Juneteenth from PIX11 News (WPIX).

The march will be a celebration of Black fatherhood., and the goal is to salute and empower Black and Brown fathers everywhere, organizers said.
That's the kind of story I was looking for today, and I'm glad it exists and I found it.

Today is also National (now World) Martini Day, so I close with National Day Calendar's MARTINI DAY – June 19.

This adult beverage has grown to become one of the best-known mixed drinks. A traditional or perfect Martini is made with equal parts gin and vermouth. For anyone who has never had a Martini, we have a list of terms to help get you started.

Martini Lingo
Dirty – This Martini includes olive brine or juice from the olive jar.
Dry – The vermouth is decreased significantly in the Martini, and gin becomes the primary spirit. Extra dry tips the ratio even further.
Gibson – Instead of an olive, bartenders garnish the Martini with a pickled onion.
Shaken vs. Stirred – Most bartenders will tell you that the better Martini is stirred. Shaken Martinis tend to be inferior due to a couple of reasons – ice chips water down the drink, and shaking the Martini adds air to the cocktail. A stirred Martini results in a smoother, fuller experience.
Straight Up – This Martini may be either shaken or stirred, but it is strained and served without ice – the opposite of a Martini on the rocks.
Smoky or Burnt – Scotch whisky replaces the vermouth in this Martini. A twist of lemon garnishes the glass. Wet – Where the dry Martini has less vermouth, this one has more.
With a Twist – The bartender adds a thin strip of citrus peel to the Martini as a garnish or in the drink.
I might just feature a Vesper martini recipe on October 5, James Bond Day. In the meantime, stay tuned for more holidays, with American Eagle Day, National Seashell Day, the Summer Solstice, World Giraffe Day, World Rainforest Day, and National Detroit-Style Pizza Day all on the agenda.

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